Clamables | Massive Update 2.3

Clams now have possible traits that can be passed from parent to child.

Luster Pearl
Polish Pearl
Luster Shell
Polish Pearl

These four traits can be bread from a parent to a child, no matter what they are (exception would be uniques).    This means a winter season holiday clam, if the parent has glow/shine pearl might have a holiday child that has luster/polish pearl.  Same applies with shells.  It is however possible that the parent will carry a recessive gene that will give the child luster and/or polish but your chances are greater when one or both the parents are currently carrying said gene.

With that said, it is possible to breed for specific NEW types of specials.  Some special clams can’t be birthed any other way but by specific types of clams.  I won’t tell you how this is done or what specific clams you have to breed together to get these specific new clams.  But eventually I am sure you will all figure it out.

Frost Bite_____Aurora Borealis_____Lunar
Unique Clam - Aurora Borealis

Version 2.300 Update Notes

1. Clams will now breed to a more breeding system. (see notes at end for examples on how this will work)  

2. Clams now have 5 different traits that can be breed into each clam. Type (classic, holiday, special) please note that holidays currently can only be born on tentative holidays, this may change later. Pearl Shine, Pearl Glow, Shell Shine, Shell Glow. (Holidays born after this update will no longer have glow/shine on the pearls or the shells unless the traits are birthed into it, making new levels of rarity with the holidays)

3. All information about the clams can be found by using the menu that comes up when you click the clams. Therefore eliminating the need for the HUD. This also includes the Term, which you can find by clicking the Term button.

4. Fixed a glitch where a clam would open its shell all the time and not close when close was selected. Now if the owner wants the shell open on the time or closed all the time, only has to click on the clam and select which way they want it.

5. Starter Pearls and Rebirth pearls will only have a chance to be a holiday or a special. Glow/Shine and Unique status has been removed from the starter clams as well as the rebirths. Reason for this is that glow/shine and unique is a breed trait.

6. Both parent factor into the child, this is not limited to the type of clam it will be(classic, special, unique) but also if the parents have glow/shine on their pearls and/or shells.

7. Pearls that are laid from a female clam will have hovertext placed over top of the pearl by default, telling all the information you will need about that pearl. You can turn the hovertext off via the menu.

8. Description field has change, the order of the description field is as following: Type^Sex^IDNumber^BirthTime^PearlShine^PearlGlow^ShellShine^ShellGlow^Hunger

9. Distinct clams are no longer their own class. Clams with glow/shine on either the pearl or shell can be a classic, holiday, and/or special. Bonus clams will fall under the special category.

Now for examples on how breeding will work.
Holiday will only be born on holidays, and the odds are no different then before. So breeding two holidays together on a select holiday will not increase your chances of having another holiday.
However, if two specials are breed together, then you will have a better chance of coming out with another special child. If you breed a special with a classic, your chances are a bit less then two specials but still better then two classics. The same rules apply with Uniques as well. This also applies to clams with glow/shine on both their pearls and/or shells. What level of shine or glow will be based on the parent. For example, if you have a female with 60% luster and a father with 60% luster, your odds will be best at getting another 60% luster. Getting a 70% or higher will be less then getting a 50% luster or lower. If this is confusing for you please message me and I will try to explain it better for you.

Your best clam, would be a clam with Polish and Luster on the pearl, Polish and Luster on the shell, and be a special or a Holiday. Please note, it’s a lot harder to get Polish on your clam then it is to get Luster.

posted Nov 18, 2010 by Fassbinder

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  1. I think the clams are really cool. But most at the mainstore being shown you can’t get anymore. But I guess it’s a way to lure in customers & tricking them into buying packs. So it would be cool if people could get the animal skin ones or other cool ones at the mainstore but you can’t. They should take the ones you can’t get anymore down because people assume they can get them but are sad to find out they can’t. My friend bought a Christmas pack from them & NONE were Christmas. She asked the creator but he ignored her. Also the clams have babies but most of them BREAK…that is really really annoying & it wastes a lot of time for the breeder & the lose good babies. I don’t think they replace them either.. But these are mainly for looks & I like the different types of bubbles & shells & pearls. Hope they fix the broken baby issue & start answering their customers or they wont have any more customers lol.

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