Krazy Kittys | Release Day

The Krazy Kittys have been released with a great deal of interest and a special bonus for beta testers.  Krazy Kittys are available in starter packs and have a home vendor available to make it convenient to purchase any Kitty supplies you will need in the future.  After being involved the the beta for Krazy Kittys I can honestly say they are very cute and lots of fun.  I love the animations and the active involvement with the Kittys and look forward to understanding more about the levels aspect of breeding them.

Krazy Kittys will only ever sell the Level 1 Kittys which are Chanty, Himmy or Sibby and higher levels can only be obtained via breeding or purchasing them from breeders.  The Krazy Kittys have a game aspect which is very interesting, raising the levels of Kittys and improving the breeding.  Naturals colours are considered Rare and Ultra Rare Kittys can only be bred from 2 Rare Kittys.  The Ultra Rares have whimsically decorated bodies and special powers, remaining in superb health, they can mate with Kittys from any level and have a breeding life span of 50 points instead of the usual 30.  You will find the Kittys notecard with further information below.

Krazy Kittys Instructions:

To properly care and breed Krazy Kittys you must have the items below

1 Male Level 1 Krazy Kitty
1 Female Level 1 Krazy Kitty
Large or Bowl of Milk
Kitty toy (1 toy last 2 weeks for unlimited Kittys)
Krazy Kitty Bed (Home)
Krazy Kitty Catnip (optional)

Getting Started:

Please follow these 9 simple steps so your Krazy Kittys are happy in their new home.

1.Rez the Krazy Kitty Bed

2. Rez the Milk Bowl and Toy  somewhere close to the Krazy Kitty Bed. (and Catnip if you choose to use)

3. Rez your Krazy Kittys.  They are in your starter pack named Krazy Kitty Carrier.  It will still be in it’s carrier box at this stage and wrapped a blanket..

4. Click the Krazy Kitty carrier box and then click ‘RELEASE’.  Your Krazy Kitty will then be released from the box in its blanket in an ‘unhatched’ state.

6. Click the Krazy Kitty and then click ‘Wake up’, your Krazy Kitty has now been born and is ready to go.

7. Repeat the steps above to release second Krazy Kitty

8. Click the Krazy Kitty and from the drop down menu select “Set Home”, the Krazy Kitty will now prompt you to select it’s home, click on the Krazy Kitty bed, and your Krazy Kitty’s home is set. You can assign up to 6 Krazy Kittys to one bed. Krazy Kittys must be assigned to a bed in order to stay healthy and breed.

9. Click on a Krazy Kitty and from the menu select ‘SETTINGS’ and then ‘RADIUS
and then enter in chat on channel 4, the number of metres you want to allow your Krazy Kitty to roam, for example to allow your Krazy Kitty to roam up to 10 metres from the Krazy Kitty Bed type ‘/4 10’ in local chat. Repeat for the second Krazy Kitty.

10. You can now go through settings and rename your kitty. Instructions for these actions are listed below.

Krazy Kitty Care

Krazy Kittys require 4 essential care activities each day in order to stay in ‘Good’ health, these are Eating, Playing, Petting and Sleeping, Krazy Kittys can only mate and get pregnant when in ‘Good’ or ‘Superb’ health.

Providing a milk bowl for your Krazy Kitty will allow it to eat and get the nutrients it needs to stay in good health.

Providing a ‘Kitty Toy’ in their play area will keep your Krazy Kitty happy and playful. One Krazy Kitty fish toy will last 2 weeks for ALL your kittys.

Krazy Kittys need lots of love and there are 2 ways you can pet your kitty. Right click your Krazy Kitty and select ‘Pet. A drop down window will ask to animate your avatar and upon selection yes, the kitty will jump into your arms and you be able to hold and pet him.  The other option is to right click on the kitty and select ‘Pet’.  This will allow you to kneel down and pet kitty on the ground.

Your Krazy Kitty must get rest everyday, simply click and select “sleep” from the menu.

Superb Health
Providing Katnip for your Krazy Kitty will allow it to achieve ‘Superb’ health, Krazy Kittys with ‘Superb’ Health have a greater chance of giving birth to rare ‘Naturals’, special ultra rares &  and bigger litters.

Your Krazy Kittys will grow every day until they reach full size at around 7 days old,
at this stage they are ready for breeding.

Krazy Kitty Breeding

Krazy Kittys can begin breeding when they are 7 days old.

Breeding Levels

All Krazy Kittys purchased directly from us are ‘Level 1’ breeds, there are 3 different breeds within this level,  Himmy, Chanty and Sibby, each breed has 6 possible colours and a rarer ‘Natural’. There are further Levels with more breeds, these can only be obtained by caring for and breeding your Krazy Kittys or by purchasing from another breeder.

A Krazy Kitty can only mate with another Krazy Kitty from the same Level, although they may be from different breeds.

Breeding Points


A female Krazy Kitty will receive one Breeding Point for each baby she gives birth to, babies are usually the same breed as one of the parents and there may be as many as 4 babies in each litter. When a female Krazy Kitty has earned 10 Breeding Points she may give birth to a mixed litter containing one or more babies from a breed in the next Breeding Level, she will continue to give birth to this type of litter until she reaches 20 Breeding Points when she may give birth to a litter containing one or more babies from a breed in a third Breeding Level. Once the female Krazy Kitty has earned 30 points her breeding life is over and she will die. Female Krazy Kittys can mate and get pregnant once each week.


A male Krazy Kitty  will receive one Breeding Point each time he mates and gets a female pregnant. Initially male Krazy Kittys can mate once each week, however they get better with practice!, when a male Krazy Kitty has earned 3 Breeding Points he can mate with 2 female Krazy Kittys each week. Male Krazy Kittys with 9 Breeding Points can mate with 3 females each week and when he reaches 18 points, with 4 females each week. Once the male Krazy Kitty reaches 30 Breeding Points his breeding life is over and he will die.

**Don’t want your kittys to die? Just simply not breed them and they can live forever as long as you care for them properly.

Rare & Ultra Rare Krazy Kittys

Rare Krazy Kittys have ‘Natural’ colouring, although a female Krazy Kitty with ‘Good’ health can give birth to a ‘Natural’, this is more likely to happen if both parents are in ‘Superb’ health. Krazy Kittys from higher Breeding Levels are also rarer because of the time required to breed up to these Levels.

Ultra Rare Kittys can only be born from 2 rare (natural color) kittys.  Ultra rares will be whimsical decorated and have special powers.  Ultra rare kittys will always be in Superb health so the 4 essentials aren’t required and they can mate with other kittys from any level.  Ultra Rare Kittys breeding life span is 50 points.


When your Krazy Kittys are 7 days old they can be ordered to the bed to mate.  Just click each Krazy Kitty and select ‘Mate’ from the menu, both Krazy Kittys will then proceed to the Krazy Kitty bed and mate, if all goes well the female will become pregnant and will give birth to a litter 24  – 48 hours later.

New Born Krazy Kittys

New born Krazy Kittys will appear in the bed ‘unhatched’, you can wake them up by clicking on them and selecting ‘Wake Up’ from the menu.  Upon waking your kitty a drop down window will appear and ask to animate your avatar.  You will always want to click yes when receiving this message in order to animate your avatar when petting your kitty.  A small percentage of Krazy Kittys will be die at birth, although they can be revived by with a Krazy Kitty First Aid kit.

Kitty options
The following is a list of options on the drop down menu when you click your kitty:

Set Home
Remove home
Pet Cat
Goto Box

* Free*
Click to set your Krazy Kitty to roam.

Gives a further 4 options as follows:

1) Movement – This allows you to turn off/on Krazy Kittys movement.

2) Sounds – Clicking this button allows you to turn off Krazy Kittys sounds.

3) Update – This allows you to get an updated version of your kitty.  Your kitty will disappear and a new one will appear at the kittys bed.

4) Animations – On/Off button to turn them on and off. Method button allows you to choose between using resource demanding animations or using normal resources.  This helps with those wanting to reduce lag on sim.

5) Stats – Click to hide or show the Krazy Kittys statistics

6) Radius – Enter in chat on channel 4, the number of metres you want to allow your Krazy Kitty to roam, for example to allow your Krazy Kitty to roam up to 10 metres from the Krazy Kitty Bed type ‘/4 10’ in local chat. (do not type inverted commas)

Enter in chat on channel 5 a new name for your Krazy Kitty, for example to rename your Krazy Kitty ‘Rover’, type ‘/5 Rover’ in local chat (do not type inverted commas)

Krazy Kittys are very obedient and will sit on this command.

*set home*
Click this and then the click the Krazy Kitty bed to set the Kittys home and assign it to the bed.

*remove home*
Use this to un assign the Krazy Kitty from a bed.

Click to call your Krazy Kitty to you.

*pet Krazy Kitty*
Upon clicking you will receive a drop down window asking to animate your avatar.  Krazy Kitty will jump into your arms and you will be able to pet him.  When you are finished petting kitty, click him and select ‘Detach’.  You must then go into your inventory and rezz him from your objects folder.

Wear a Krazy Kitty First Aid kit and then click on
your Krazy Kitty and select Cure and it will bring your Krazy Kitty back to full Good health.

.Just click each Krazy Kitty and select ‘Mate’ from the menu, both Krazy Kittys will then proceed to the Krazy Kitty bed and mate, Breeding Krazy Kitties must be sharing the same Krazy Kitty bed.

When directed to sleep, your kitty will go to its bed and fall asleep. Sending them to sleep will also allow the kittys to update themselves if there is a new update waiting.  Checking for updates for the first 7 days of its life is recommended to ensure its growing properly and getting its proper updates.

*goto box*
Used when you wanting to pack up your Krazy Kitty for selling. First rez your Krazy Kitty Carry Box and then click on the Krazy Kitty and select Goto Box. When unpacking your Krazy Kittys from their carrier box and selecting Release from the drop down menu, you must click on your Krazy Kitty and select Free to wake him up and allow him to roam. You do not need to pack you kitty in a box if you want to pick him up in your inventory and put him down in another area.

Krazy Kitty Stats

Your Krazy Kitty Stats are as follow:

Care Points:
(if your Krazy Kitty is Pregnant then it will say “Pregnant” at the very bottom line.)

These stats are above your Krazy Kitty’s head and can be invisible by clicking your Krazy Kitty and select settings and then Stats.

*Name* – This will display the name of your Krazy Kitty

*Gender* – This will tell you if your Krazy Kitty is a male or female

*Age* – This will display how many days old your Krazy Kitty is.

*Heath* – This will display your Krazy Kittys current health status. (example: Superb, Good, Fair, Poor, Deceased)

*Race* – This will indicate the Breed and Color of your Krazy Kitty

*Level* – This line will indicate what Level breed your Krazy Kittys are.

*Points* This number will display how many breeding points your Krazy Kitty has.

*Care Points* – This number displays how many of the 4 essentials the kitty received that day.  This number resets everyday. If they Krazy Kitty has had its 4 essential requirements to keep good health the score will reflect 4.  If you also providing it with Catnip then the number will say 5.

*Pregnant*  The bottom line will say Pregnant if your female Krazy Kitty is pregnant.

Helpful Hints

We recommend you do not house your kittys near edges of sims or on mega prims.

If you are in a high lag area, kittys will take longer to respond to your commands.  If you think your kitty is stuck in lag all he needs is a little attention.  Petting your kitty or updating your kitty will help correct the problem.

Stalls have already opened up on their Kitty shaped sim and they are available for rent in order to sell your Krazy Kittys, so it’s time to get out there and breed some.

Slurl: Krazy Kitty Sim