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Pet Snakes released Pet Spiders today.  They are similar in working with the added advantage of eating less food than the snakes.  They are 3 prims and will begin breeding after 3 days, much sooner than many breedables.  They have a very interesting leg movement and certainly make me feel a bit creeped out, just like normal spiders would.  Khys Luminos mentioned he would make an alternative homepoint for those that aren’t fans of the Skull homepoint.  The Spiders, home, food and packaging are available separately at the moment, not in a starter kit.


3 prim breedable pet spider.

1. Rez egg cups and touch them to un-package the eggs.

2. Click on the eggs and select hatch

3. Rez a spider toy near the hatched spiders, and click on the spider toy to set the home position.
You can get a spider toy by touching a spider and selecting Spider Toy from the menu.

4. Place food dishes within reach of the spiders.

Spiders and eggs cannot be taken into inventory unless packaged in spider boxes and egg cups, or they will die.
To package a spider for transport or transfer, rez a spider box and then click on the spider and select “Package”.
To package an egg for transport or transfer, rez an egg cup and click on the egg and select “Package”.

Spider and eggs will package themselves in any available egg cup or spider box that you own that is rezzed, so only rez an empty egg cup or spider box right before you use it.

Spiders reach breeding age after 3 days, and then can produce eggs.

You can set the roaming range of the spiders by touching the Sspider toy and changing the range.

You can disable the movement of spiders from the spider menu if you prefer they not move about.
Spiders can eat and breed with movement disabled as long as the food is within range of the spider toy.
Setting home position again will turn on movement for all snakes.

Spiders sleep, but you can wake them up.

Your spiders will eventually die or starvation if the food runs out, or if you take them into inventory without first placing them in a spider box.

Boxed spiders and cupped eggs are transferable. Empty spider boxes and egg cups are available free at the Pet Snake headquarters.
If the headquarters is moved, check my profile (Krys Luminos) for the new location.

Join the Pet Snake group to stay informed.

Win FREE snake food and other prizes at the Pet Snake headquarters.

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