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What has to be the cutest breedable ever was released today.  They are supercute penguins with RGB colour starters with XS scripts as the core there were a total 5 scripters working on the project to modify the scripts.  They have an igloo for a homepoint and they eat…. waffles!!!  (Opps I just found out it’s not a waffle they are eating, but fish scales, not quite as cute but oh well.  Sorry.)  How cute is that?  They have a cute little penguin sound and their scarves are the second colour for the colour combination.  You can buy starter packs with either mixed colours or solid colours.  Further information hasn’t been released yet, but I will update this post when that happens.  For now enjoy the cuteness!

Penguin Pals Info Card
Hi and welcome to Penguin Pals here a litle info on these little guys,

– Penguin Pals life span is infinite as long as you care for them. They will die if picked up and put directly into your inventory. You will need Ice Crates for the Lives, and Egg Cups for the Eggs.

-Penguin Pal  in order for them to Breed u need a male and a female to play hockey with each other to get pregnet,They need to be 7 days old before they will breed.

-Penguin Pals can have 1 egg per day per Female.

-There are two (2) types of food you can feed your Penguin pals.
Regular Food will keep them alive, and allow them to breed.
Premium Food will keep them alive, and gives you a higher chance at “Glow/Shine” eggs.

-Penguin Pals must be within 10 Meters of their food dish in order for them to know it exist. Having more then one (1) food dish out at a time, can cause serious issues, as your penguins won’tknow which bowl to eat from, so will not eat from either. This will cause them to die of starvation.


Step By Step for Beginners

When you purchase your Penguin Pal Egg or Starter pack, you will receive an object containing your egg. (Food also if you purchase a starter pack)

Right Click  the box, chooing the “OPEN” option.  At the bottom of the window that pops up, you will see an option for “Copy To Inventory”.  choose copy to inventory and it will copy all the contents to a folder in your inventory.

Be sure you are where you want your Penguin Pal to be, and rez the “Home Object”. At this time, you can also rez any food you may have purchased.

Place the Eggs around your “Home Object”, and Food, and “RIGHT CLICK” to touch them.

This will bring up a menu in the upper left hand cornor of your screen.

This will ask you if you want to “Unpack” the egg. At this time you should choose Yes, if you want to unpack the egg, or No, if you wish it to stay in the egg stand.

If you click Yes, the egg will then appear to “hover” over the egg stand for a moment, and then the egg stand will disapear. You are then left with just an egg.

RIGHT CLICK to “touch” your egg.

This will bring up yet another menue in the upper left hand cornor of your screen.

The options are “Yes”, “Package”, and “No”

If you choose yes, you will begin to birth your Penguin Pal.
If you choose Package, it will look for the nearest “Egg Stand”
If you choose No, the egg will remain exactly like it is.

Choosing the option Yes to birth your new baby Penguin,  it will take a moment for the baby to find its way out of the shell, once its out the shell of the egg will disapear, and your penguin will be floating.

To ground your penguin to the land, simply click on the “Home Object”.

You can ajust the radius that you will allow your little guys to roam around by RIGHT CLICK choose EDIT on the Home Object. In the description line put the number that you want your Penguin Pals to roan. 5 in the description line means that your Penguin Pals can roam up to 5 meaters in all directions from the “Home Object”


Transporting Penguin Pals

The Penguin Pals Transport Box is the method you will use to move your Penguin Pals from one location to another without losing them and also the method that you will use to sell them.

To use the Penguin Pals Transport Box, rez the Box. Touch your Penguin and select “package” from the drop down menue that will appear in the upper right hand cornor of your screen.

You can now safley pick up your Penguin Pal and place it into your inventory.

To locate your Penguin Pal in your inventory, you will look for “Ice Crate: (name of Penguin)”

That’s all you need to do!

Remember, only one Penguin Pal per transport Box!


About The Eggs

Eggs can be safely taken into inventory By useing Egg Cups.

This method is exactly like Crateing the LIVE Penguin pals. only instead of an “Ice Crate”, you will be using an “Egg Cup”


Extra Stuff we have for Sale-

Sex Changer- To change a Penguin Sex .
Oh Shiney- To help shineem up )
Ice Crate Ager- Add age to ur Penguin.

Penguin Pals Packages-

Blue/Blue Penguin Stater Egg
Blue/Green Penguin Starter Egg
Blue/Red Penguin Starter Egg
Green/Blue Penguin Starter Egg
Green/Green Penguin Starter Egg
Green/Red Penguin Starter Egg
Red/Blue Penguin Starter Egg
Red/Green Penguin Starter Egg
Red/Red Penguin Starter Egg
Mix Starter Pack- 3 mixed eggs-100 servings food.

Solid Penguin Starter Pack
And in the comeing a  Auto feeder yay. Thanks to harleys hard work we have awsome Penguins hope yall enjoy thank you from

Slurl: Penguin Pals


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