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Greetings to Everyone!

The time has come for a date for Wildwood Breedables to release it’s first product into the world of breedables. Wildwood Kitties! We will be releasing our cats on December 1, 2010.

Times will be announced when we are closer via notice and on the forums! The Wildwood Breedables SIM will be closed until release in preparation of the event!

Get up to the minute information here http://www.wildwoodbreedables.com/forum/

Sim and Vendor Limits:

Wildwood Forest is still a homestead, that being said we will only have room for a limited amount of people who will be able to get in unless Wildwood Forest updates by Dec. 1, 2010. Our request was sent in a few weeks ago but seems Linden Labs is taking their time, so bare with us.

Please be aware that we will be monitoring as best as we can for people that are buying cats. There will be a limit to how many cat packages may be purchased for each avatar, but this will reset within so many hours ( limited purchases vary on each package as well as time stamps of how long before purchasing another set). Each package has it’s own price and will have it’s own limit of purchase. This only applies to the cats and not the supplies. We understand you want lots of cats, but please be considerate with our reasoning.

Recommendations on Purchasing:

We understand that some people purchase with intent of just reselling the starter packages without even considering breeding them to find out what special traits/pelts/eyes/etc they may carry. It might be best to keep them as there are special cats that you could possibly get at the ending of their breeding span. A breed we’d like to call: Elegants. Not to mention other rare cats such as our secondaries that you breed into!

We cannot stop anyone who decides to sell their cats right off the bat, but please be advised that we encourage the breeding process of something we worked hard on! Waiting to breed the majority of your cats spans is far more rewarding then trying to gain from selling the starter cats.


These special cats come in different colors and patterns! And the best part of all? They’re breedable and able to possibly pass on another elegant throughout their span. Elegants are classified in their own ‘breed’ and not considered just a costume or custom coloring. They are definitely worth breeding for!

(Elegant Disclaimer)
Just be aware that there is a small percentage of receiving an Elegant, but it will be worth it if you manage to discover one! This is what makes the breeding process fun and exciting for those who are really avid about it! You cannot start preparing for chances for Elegants til after you reach 10 Spans and Lower!

While we would love to disclose the ‘percentages’ and chances in full detail, it is more or less something for you to discover. 😀

Zilar Deluxe

Price Lists:

Single Cat:300$L – 6 single cats in per day
Pair Pack:600$L – 3 pair packs per day
Cattery Pack:1800$L – 2 purchases per day
Massive Cattery Pack:4000$L – 1 purchase per day

You can buy a combination of different packs within the limits of EACH type!

No Cats or items will be available on the SL Marketplace until a week or two later! Sorry for the inconvenience but we need a break!

Contents of Each Pack:

  • Single Male:One Cat, One Pet Food, Boy Litter Box, 1 Boy Bed
  • Single Female : One Cat, One Pet Food, Girl Litter Box, 1 Girl Bed
  • Starter Pack: One Male, One Female, 1 Breeder Food, Neutral Litterbox, 1 Neutral Bed
  • Cattery Pack: 3 Male, 3 Female, 2 Breeder Food, 1 Energy Boost 5%, 1 Persnikitty Scratcher, Neutral Litter Box, 2 Neutral Beds
  • Mega Cattery Pack: 5 Male, 5 Female, 3 Breeder Food, 1 Energy Boost 10%, 1 Love Boost 5%, 1 Persnikitty Scratcher, All Litter Boxes (1 of each color), All Beds (2 Neutral, 2 Boy, 2 Girl)

Cats will be random upon birthing the baskets, you will not get a specific breed or type on your starters, they are random! You will have to breed to get specific and different types of cats!



Pet Food: 1 cat/1month – 100$L
Breeder Food: 1 cat/1month – 200$L

Pet Food Bulk: 10 cat/1month – 995$L
Breeder Food Bulk: 10 cat/1month – 1500$L

Pet Food Mega: 20 cat/2month – 1600$L
Breeder Food Mega: 20 cat/2month – 2800$L

Cat food are more or less determined on a 1 cat/1month basis for all packs, so please be advised that if you have more than the amounts we have listed, you may need to buy more to support your growing catteries. You will need food in order for your cats to stay healthy!



Amour Delight – 10% Desire Boost – 725$L
Amour Bites – 5% Desire Boost – 500$L
Kat Nip Sack – 10% Energy Boost – 245$L
Pursnikitty Treats – 5% Energy Boost – 130$L
Kitty Care Kit – Heals Sick Cats – 550$L

The edibles are just for making things go a little faster and are not necessary in order to breed your cats. The Kitty Care Kit will be required to cure your sick cats!

Happiness Boosters:

Persnikitty Yarn – 130$L (1 Yarn) 260$L (2 Yarns) 530$L (3 Yarns)
Persnikitty Cream – 130$L (1 Milk) 260$L (2 Milk) 530$L (3 Milk)
Chipper Fish – 130$L (1 Fish) 260$L (2 Fishes) 530$L (3 Fishes)
Persnikitty Scratcher – 130$L (One Post) 260$L (2 Posts) 530$L (3 Posts)

These will come in 3 different colors (except for the milk): Pink, Blue, Natural

Persnikitty Variety Sets

Persnikitty Natural – 1 Yarn, 1 Fish, 1 Scratcher – 530$L
Persnikitty Boy – 1 Yarn, 1 Fish, 1 Scratcher – 530$L
Persnikitty Girl – 1 Yarn, 1 Fish, 1 Scratcher – 530$L


Prims cost

Each Cat =13 prim.
Birthed Basket = 2 Prim
Food & Water combination = 4 Prim
Bed = 2
Litter box = 2
Kat Nip = 1 (rez and feed to kat)
Amour Delight = 1 (rez and feed to Kat)

Zilar Deluxe

Wildwood Breedables website

Slurl: Wildwood Breedables Shop




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