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Pet Peddlers is proud to announce that after months of hard work, we are ready for release!! Our Breedable Fish will be arriving next weekend. (The weekend of 12/10/2010) We will announce an exact date as the weekend draws closer. We would like very much to thank our amazing beta testers who have made this release possible, it really could not have been done without all of you!

Pet Peddlers Breedable Fish Information:

Are these another vector color based pet that uses the opensource scripts?

*No. These are a custom scripted and sculpted breedable that took a lot of knowledge, time and effort to create. We use realistic texturing and sculpts we have crafted ourselves. In fact it has become an RL family effort, lol. Our 8 year old and 6 year old have insisted on helping to choose many of the fish we’re making, and our 13 year old son helps Dad (Fisher) with the sculpting and texturing.

– What makes Pet Peddlers Breedable Fish different?

*Pet Peddlers Breedable Fish are the first breed accurate breedable in SL. Meaning, no cookie cutter shaped animals that simply change texture to represent various breeds. Pet Peddlers Breedable Fish will change their shape to accurately reflect each individual fish type. A Koi will look like a Koi, a Tang will look like a Tang. In fact the shapes will even change between different varieties within a breed. Angelfish, for example, may all be angelfish, but an Emporer Angelfish has a different overall shape than a French Angelfish.

– What traits will I be able to breed for in the fish?

There are many traits that breeders will be able to work to achieve. These include:
* Breed
*Body Shimmer
*Body Dazzle
*Eye Color/Texture
*Eye Dazzle
*Eye Shimmer
*Fin Color
*Fin Shimmer
*Fin Dazzle
*Tail Dazzle
*Tail Shimmer
*Bubble Shape
*Bubble Color
*Bubble Dazzle

-What are you doing to help with population control?

*12 Breedings per fish.

* Fish will randomly become sick for a period of 7 days, and be unable to breed during this time frame. A med kit will be made available to fix this just in case someone only owns 2 fish, but it will not be necessary. Your fish will fix itself in 7 days.

*No stat boosters and extras that speed up the reproduction process.

*New breed releases will NOT require new starter pack purchases. They will come from your current stock in a way that does not damage the parents’ genetics. We know that, as the creators, this will put a dent into potential profits on our end. However, we have been on the customer end of breedables several times and are well aware of the damage caused to the market with the old release methods.

*Predator fish will be released, at some point after release, that will not be able to eat store bought food. Instead, they will need to eat other already existing fish in order to survive. This way even the least popular fish retains a customer to customer sellable purpose.

-A breedable within a breedable, what does that mean and what will it be?

*Seahorses will appear by rare random chance from fish breedings after a post release update. They will eat fish food, but will otherwise be their own breedable. They are reproducible, will have their own traits to breed for, and will only breed with other seahorses.

– If something causes me to be out of game for awhile and my fish starve, will I have to pay to fix them or lose breedings?

*No. Real life is always a number one priority. People get sick, take vacation, lose internet, have a computer break, or sometimes SL or a script just hiccups and your fish will go into starvation. You should not be docked for being a human behind your avatar, and we would hate to think our product would ever cause anyone stress in their RL because they were worried about the consequence of not being able to feed their fish in SL. This is meant to be fun. Of course we do have to have some sort of a penalty or no one would ever feed their fish, lol. However, the only penalty that will come from starvation is that your fish will not be able to breed for a certain amount of time after it has begun being fed again. This time frame is still something we are determining.

-Do I have to have access to linden water?

No. You may keep your fish in linden water, user created fish tanks or even on land if you have to.

-How much do they cost?

*Starter Packs

$L 495 – “The Tank Pack” – 1 Male and 1 Female Fish, 1 Standard Food

$L 1450 – “The Pond Pack” – 3 Males and 3 Females, 3 Standard Foods,       1 Med Pack

$L 2850 – “The Reef Pack” – 6 Males and 6 Females, 6 Standard Foods,      2 Med Packs

(All food is breedable food, there is no pet food.)
Food tablets come in 3 sizes, Standard size (fish shaped), Double size (shell shaped) and Vacation size (lighthouse shaped).
1 Standard Size Tablet Feeds 1 Fish for 30 Days
1 Double Size Tablet Feeds 2 Fish for 30 Days
1 Vacation Size Tablet Feeds 4 Fish for 30 Days

Food packs will be available as follows
$L 150    – Single Standard Food
$L 870    – 6 Pack of Standard Food
$L 1680 – 6 Pack of Double Food
$L 1680 – 12 Pack of Standard Food
$L 3000 – 12 Pack of Double Food
$L 3000 – 6 Pack of Vacation Food
$L 5760 – 12 Pack of Vacation Food

* Fish Drops (Please note that this is to cure random illnesses such as ich, fish fungus, pop-eye & fin rot, it is not required as fish will cure themselves after 7 days. It is not to cure starvation. There are no meds to cure starvation as it is not needed.)

$L 195 – Single Use

– How does breeding work?

*1 Male to 1 Female

*12 Breedings

*Above 10% Energy, below 15% Hunger and 100% Love to breed, no Happiness meter to worry about! (You didn’t think we would make you cuddle a fish did you?)

*Building Love takes about 2 days.

*After mating, the fish will have a waiting period of 4 days before they can mate again.

– A few other points and statements we would like to make:

* In an effort to remain transparent, we would like to make it very clear who we are. We have seen many breedables come out on brand new alts, and buyers cannot be certain who they are dealing with. While we do have our fish alts to keep transactions and products seperate from our other SL adventures, we have chosen not to hide who the avatars behind the avatars are. Fisher Mode is the alt for Knight Nootan. Tethys Aura is Voodoo Pevensey. Some of you may have had dealings with us in the past as we have been involved in breedables since chickens.

*Our Mission: Aside from the goal of creating enjoyable breedable AI pets in Second Life, we wish to foster a creator/customer relationship that is based on mutual respect. With our SL businesses, just as with our RL business, we hold a firm belief that a company is made by it’s customers. No customers = no business, it’s just that simple. We believe that we will not be doing you a favor by creating the fish, but rather that you will be doing us a favor by being our customers. We will owe you the thank yous, not vice versa. If we ever, at any point, develop egos, please do us a favor and smack us back down to earth.

*One thing we very much want to make clear from straight out of the gait…errrr maybe straight out of the tank, lol, is that we want all of you to feel free to offer honest criticism of our products, policies and choices. Do not be easy on us, do not worry about hurting our feelings. Criticism can only help us to improve. If you think a fish is ugly, feel free to say a fish is ugly. If you think a fish is so ugly that you want to crack jokes about turning it into sushi, go right ahead, lol, we can take it. Fish stick jokes are highly encouraged! : )

*Our product will never be perfect, as behind the avatars we are humans and perfection is not possible. When we screw up, and I am sure at some point we will, we will stand up and own up to it and do what we can to make it right by our customers.

Tethys Aura (Voodoo) & Fisher Mode (Knight)

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