BioBreeds | Loyalty Club Program

If word of the BioBreeds Loyalty Club has perked your ears up in curiosity as it has mine, you will be happy to find out the ins and outs as supplied below.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The BioBreeds Loyalty Club ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are happy to announce this program!  Become a BioBreeds Loyalty Club Member simply by purchasing a voucher which offers several advantages, including a discounted price and you can get your dogs two days early!
As time goes on, other offers will be available to BioBreeds Loyalty Club Members!
And other opportuinities to join will arise.  This offer is for a limited time.
We will have vendors open for this purchase on Friday!  And it will end two weeks from that day!  Locations and times to be announced.


* 20% Off the purchase price of starter and breeder packs!
* Be the first to start breeding-you can redeem two days prior to release.
* Get one additional seed per dog (breeding cycle) to breed from your Loyalty packs.
* Be added to the BioBreeds Loyalty Club. We will have Loyalty Club special offers from time to time.


What you will be purchasing is a voucher for either a starter pack of BioDogs or a breeder pack of BioDogs at a discounted rate-20% off the release price. This voucher will be redeemable prior to release.

Note:  You are NOT purchasing actual Packs with dogs in them.  You are purchasing a VOUCHER which allows you to redeem them for your packs 2 days prior to release.

Join The Group:

Be sure to join the BioBreeds group as we will be announcing through the group when you will be able to start redeeming your packs (2 days prior to release) and we will also add you to the BioBreeds Loyalty Club role in the group.  If you have purchased a BioBreeds Loyalty pack and have not been added to the BioBreeds Loyalty Role in the group, please send a NC with your name and BioBreeds Loyalty Club purchase date to Ozzie Drucker or Charity Goldfarb and we can confirm and assign you to the role.


We will send a notice through the BioBreeds main group and the Subscrib-o-matic group with the locations and date for redemption of your vouchers. Redemption will begin 2 days prior to Full Release.

Release Date:

We hope to release in early January, but these things can vary, so the release time is not guaranteed. We rely on testing.  So all things going well, it could be sooner than early January or it could be later.  We will continue to keep you informed all the way through this process.


A starter pack will include 5 dogs. 3 females, 2 males.  And enough food for one week.
Regular Price~~~~~~~~~L$ 2200
Discount 20%~~~~~~~~L$ 440 (your savings)
Price after discount~~~~L$ 1760

A  breeder pack will include 10 dogs. 6 females, 4 males and enough food for one week.
Regular price~~~~~~~~~L$ 4160
Discount 20%~~~~~~~~L$ 832 (your savings)
Price after discount~~~~L$ 3328

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  1. Cool! I have a pug, best da*n dog on the planet! I can’t wait… so I’ve got my vouchers already! 🙂

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