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BrightPets Kitty’s have been updated recently with a new look and movement.  The Burmese has also been removed from starter packs and will be replaced with new breeds.  This means you can only have the Burmese from current breeding stock as it is a discontinued breed.  There is a Christmas range being introduced which I am very interested in knowing more about.  BrightPets have introduced a unique automatic updating system which is explained below, you will also find some information on their future plans.

BrightPets Update Process FAQ

What is the Automatic Updates?

BrightPets kitties have a unique automated updating system and is designed to save you all that hassle of those manual updates.  Its very simple, but have noticed some concern (expected when so unique), so we will try explain your questions here.

How does it work?

We have an automated scripted agent called “BrightPets Firehawk”, sometimes referred to as a bot.  Mr Firehawk will rezz and update your pets hassle free.

What if I don’t want automatic?

We always give the option of visiting the main store to update your own.  If you wish to always update your own, you can BAN “BrightPets Firehawk” from your land.  Some people are concerned about having this bot in their parcel, so this is how you avoid.

Why does BrightPets Firehawk visit my land?

This avatar may tend to pop up on your land time to time,  checking all versions, if you prefer not to have this bot visit your land, refer to question above and ban.

What do I have to do?

You do not need to do anything if you want automatic updates besides making sure that “BrightPets Firehawk” has access to your parcel/sim.
NOTE:  If Mr Firehawk can not get within 100 meters of your kitty, they will not update.  Please visit the store for manual update or set closer landpoint or anywhere.

Hopefully this will answer some of your questions, feel free to post in forums any more questions.

Thank you

BrightPets Plans and Future

BrightPets in the near future will be challenging as new breedables come to SL.  We ARE very confident that our pets are the best available, technically and design.
There is NO other pet on the grid with such little lag, auto update, the family history and the features we have, and we will continue with the ground breaking efforts we are providing.

Technically, we are miles ahead of anything  that has EVER been done with breedables and we will continue to expand and upgrade to keep ahead with the groundbreaking work we have.

We like to thank everyone for your support, and we make the promise that we will continue to exceed the pets we create to stay the best on the grid.
Ultimately there will be some hype about pets that are not coming close to what we have created but the main thing to remember is that only the BEST will succeed.

On another note:
– We are redoing walking to make a much more smoother experience of walking
– We are still working on the BrightPets fishing (for fun and cost effective food catching)
– We are working on a cat bed and litter tray all interactive
– We are working on more sounds
– We are also working on even more animations and interactions
– We are working on interactive collars and toys!

Once again, thank you for you support

Thank you
BrightPets Team

Slurl: BrightPets Main Store