EcoGen | Tulips & Snails

I wanted to show off some pictures of my lovely EcoGen garden.  I have been had EcoGen for quite a while now.  I started with the tulips and added a beehive, when Essex released snails I eagerly added them to my little garden ecosystem.  I have been impressed with the changes made over the time I have been growing tulips.  I was having a hard time with my tulips mainly due to lack of time for watering and maintaining the garden.  I have found since the creation of the Sprinkler my garden has been growing wonderfully well and I finally started getting some lovely bulbs.

It was the beehive improvements which have allowed the growth of the rare tulips you see here.  I was getting into alot of troubles with neighbours complaining about finding my bees on their property, but with the inclusion of a range setter for the beehive I thankfully live in prim peace with my neighbours once again.  The release of the snails has improved the fertility of the compost and added a chance of breeding new species.  I really love my EcoGen garden, so I just thought I would take the opportunity to show off my tulips growing in the snow.

I have heard there is a new and improved compost in beta at the moment, but haven’t had the opportunity to confirm that.

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  1. Thanks Tracey for your article on EcoGen Living Garden. The Snails, Bees and Tulips are going well- and I shall have Sculptie Tulips ready for Beta test before the new year!

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