S-Designs | Lizard Update and Christmas Ploppi

The latest news from Steppenwolf Sporg of S-Designs brings us a new Christmas Ploppi, which I’ve got to say is cute.  As well as an update to his breedable Lizards.

Lizard Update 0.33

-Hovertext added to Lizards, Boxes, Egg Cups …
-Phantom Lizards
-New Hud with Info by clicking the Lizards
-All free Items also on the new HUD available
-Trader added to Eggs and Lizards ( the Trader HUD comes the next days) 😉
-Collector Script changed inside the Eggs for the Egg Collector
+ many small changes you not see;)
-Trader Hud
-Piggy Bank ( for saving the Trader HUD points on)
-Special Eggs for Points and many more Items 😉
-Many Items for Points 😉

Ploppi Pets:

Christmas Limited Edition available!!

Slurl: S-Design