Holiday Specials 2010

WildWood Holiday Elegant – Classic Peppermint
provided by Caspian Blaisdale at
Walkabout Creek Shop


Amaretto Holiday Limited Edition – Carousel Horse


Elite: Licorice Swirl &  Elite: Peppermint Swirl
compliments of Emmalyne Navarathna at the Dew Hop Inn

Hanukkah 2010

Christmas 2010

Boxing Day 2010

Turtles Provided by Izina Quandry of  Scrambled Eggs


Holiday Clams


Peppermint Krazy Kitty




Wyrmwood Faery


Christmas Penguin


3 thoughts on “Holiday Specials 2010

  1. As i tried to pull a trackback and probably failed from Slice of Kiwi lol – we produced a tricolor festive, tried to sell it in auction and sadly only got 1.5 k for it.

    We’re trying a new auction format today, and hope it goes well 🙂

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