Happy 2011 Ya’ll!

Happy 2011! For all you turtle lovers, here’s a quick rundown of what you missed! So after getting the three holiday turtles this year, The petable team also gave us New Years’s 2011 turtles this year. Unfortunately an unexpected server glitch interrupted us early on new years day, but once again Matt and Grim turned the unexpected into a bonus, with everyone with breeding turtles that morning getting surprise hover-text with the cutest Hangover turtle, complete with drunk typing text on the shell!

These cute babies also gave us hangover remedies….and were bred by our own turtles, meaning that they came in all colors, some with glow or shine!!

2011 saw the ending of the beloved *Birthstone* turtles, commonly known as BS or Gems, and brought us Zodiac turtles, available in three colors, bronze, silver and gold, and the cool thing is this time, those colors are reflected in the eyes. Again, although they are rare, these turtles are bred from your very own stock of specials, with December gems having double the chance of breeding the newest addition. These also will run on a standard Zodiac calendar, meaning that the Capricorns are only around till Jan 19th, and then Aquarius starts.

Also, with the live trader meter reaching 100%, the Petable team placed the new Winter Turtle for sale for 10,000 points in the Petables shop. These turtles also have a chance to be glow, and come complete with their own little patch of snow to keep them cool when the weather warms up again.

With all these new specials, plus the Cosmic line of turtles still finding new planets, moons and asteroids, there is plenty to keep you smiling in Turtle land. From the smallest pet collector, to the big breeders, these simple, low maintenance pets are sure to bring a smile to everyone.

Note: All pictures came from the Petable Group Snapzilla page

Stay Tuned for more news from Turtle land!