Magic Pets | Extend a Hand Sparrow

I found a pleasant surprise when visiting the Magic Pets store this morning.  Gather Magic has created a special Sparrow for the Extend A Hand Charity Event and 100% of the funds are being donated to the event.  The Sparrow costs 100L which I think is a reasonable enough price to make it worth grabbing even if you aren’t a Sparrow breeder, plus you are helping support a worthy cause.  The box comes with a Home Point and a small food bowl, all you need to look after your little Sparrow.

EaHH Sparrow

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2 thoughts on “Magic Pets | Extend a Hand Sparrow

  1. aw I like the wings & tail. Needs a little more work but it’s getting there! I would love to get these after a few more updates. & it’s for a good cause & good price so yay!

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