Magic Pets | New Year Sparrows

Special Holiday Sparrows

In 2010 Magic Pets had a good year with lots of surprises for it’s customers:

* In August 2010 the Sparrow was born and the first 25 people that bought the Starter kits received the first Special “Birthspirit”

* In September the first issues occurred and the second Special was born “Beta Bug”, this special is being given out whenever there’s an issue with the Sparrows.
Also at the start of Autumn the 3rd special “Autumn” was released.

* In October the Halloween House revealed the 4th special “Halloween” which could only be gotten when you did the chores inside the house.

During this time, the Sparrow has grown with 25 customers that all had at least 3 Sparrows at a time.

* During the Holiday Season, some specials were released “Christmas” & “New Year”.

* At the breaking of 2011, a new kind of food was invented in the HQ, Glowing Feeding Canisters.

Note: There was a planned special Sparrow for Thanksgiving but it got scrubbed to make better changes to the back end.

Christmas Special

At this moment, the goals for 2011 are the following ones:

* Releasing an update every month, to keep up with all the changes we’re making.

* Releasing some new specials for this year

* Hopefully bring a new animal into the world (*grins* I already know what it is but i can’t tell yet)

Information from Gather Magic of Magic Pets.

The New Years Special is still available.

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