Pet Peddlers | A New Year Ahead

As a breedable company that launched just before the end of the year, Pet Peddlers’ goals mainly center around product improvement.

Our list of goals would include:
– Hunting down and squashing any bugs that pop up.
– Listening to and implementing customer suggestions for convenience features.
– Releasing the Predator Fish and the Seahorses.
– Keeping our customers happy and making sure that the fish remain a breedable that they can really enjoy.
– Almost forgot… take over the world!! <Insert evil maniacal laughter here>

We would also like to take a moment to wish all of our customers a Happy New Year and thank them all for their support. We really do have an awesome group of customers who have made this a fun and rewarding experience on our end.  Our company would be nothing without them and we are grateful for each and every one of them.

Fisher Mode (Knight Nootan) & Tethys Aura (Voodoo Pevensey)

Pet Peddlers HQ


2 thoughts on “Pet Peddlers | A New Year Ahead

  1. Hello! Being a professional fish breeder myself, I could not resist those new breedable fish. I’ve been looking around before to get my first fish and I can say that Ped Peddler did their home work before to launch those fish. However, I found a few “major” things that almost made me cry. For now, I give a good mark to the new breedable fish but would love to bring a few points to your attention:

    1) For those who didn’t, many fish species are difficult, lets see impossible to breed. Lets not make things more complicated than they should (its a game after all) but could we please agree on one thing: fresh and saltwater fish do NOT breed together. I koi breeding with a discus fish does not make much sense to me either but I guess I can live with that. Fix that and I’ll sleep much better at night.

    2) If you claim to be know about fish keeping and fish breeding, there should be no sick fish in your tank. I’ve been keeping 1000s of fish over the years and I can’t remember the last time there was a sick fish in my tank. so please, could we remove that “fish getting sick on a random basis” thing. I understand pet peddler to want to sale some healing kits (I would) but there would be a better way to reach that goal. Over stocking fish, mixing some species together (aggressive with passive for exemple) could be things that make them sick. Not looking at water quality could be another way to get sick fish to. I see tons of little ideas for pet peddler to still make some $ out of those diseases. Would just be great to have the possibility to avoid it as a breeder.

    This was my 2 cent :). Happy fish keeping!

    1. Thank you for your comments Eolla!

      I had actually thought about the fresh water / salt water thing and decided against it as many in the game wouldnt know the difference between the fish without some help. I wnated to make it as simple as possible for everyone that we could.

      The sickness really wasnt about selling healing kits, as we actually were not going to sell any to start with, it was put in place as a form of population control. That is why there is the 7 day grace period that your fish will then become healthy again on its own. Our thoughts on this were basically, a small breeder with only a few fish would be willing to buy a med pack to fix a fish were a larger breeder may have multiple sick fish and it isnt worth the money to fix all of them so they wait the 7 days for them to heal on their own.

      Thank you for your thoughts and input! We always welcome everyones ideas and input into the product. Don’t forget, keep your eyes open the next few days for the upcoming update release! Many changes have been made to better the product and set us up for the ability to release………….., Never mind, I am sure you didnt really want to know that, did you? :o)

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