Extend a Helping Hand Event Hall is Open

The Extend a Helping Hand Event Hall has now opened and it has a wide array of beautiful products for purchase.  Each product is contributing a percentage of the sale price towards the Premier’s Fund helping those affected by the Queensland Floods.  75% of Queensland has now been declared a disaster zone, with many thousands of people being evacuated from their homes.

It is easy to forget about how other people are affected by disaster when it isn’t actually touching us directly, but part of the responsibility of being a global community is considering those that our lives don’t directly touch.  I encourage you to go and support this cause.  I have no doubt you will find something you love amongst the many talented creators.

Some of the wonderful goodies I picked up at EaHH.  The Merrow Skin, Summer Flats, and Paper Crown are from Sanu, the lovely dress is from Evie’s Closet, the sit-in chair is from Ruru@Pino and the Tribal Heart choker is from By Snow.

The closer shot gives a better look at the eyes, choker and cute little paper crown.  I also have my little Battie cupcake from Sanu peaking around my shoulders there and I am also wearing Sanu’s Silly Star earrings.

Extend a Helping Hand Event Hall


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