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Welcome Mutant Dog Productions Breedables to the grid!  Jackhammerhp Strom and PJ Oceanlane are the team behind Mutant Dogs.  You might have noticed that I have a perchance for cute and cuddly breedables, and this company does have that, but they specialise in the mutant, which I’m sure will have a strong appeal for some.  They look tough and a bit scary and they like to bark at strangers, so beware!

These new AI dogs, roam, breed, follow and also have a guard dog option.  Like real dogs if they are left unfenced in roam mode they will run off so they must be fenced in or otherwise be kept in follow mode.  There are wolves that sit and howl, winged phoenix dogs that fly and grow big enough for two people to ride, vampire bats that fly around and they are even open to taking special orders for those with a specific look in mind.  Mutant indeed.

But for those that prefer cute and cuddly like me there is Poodles, Chihuahua’s and then there is the Forever Puppy.  The Forever Puppy doesn’t breed or grow, they sit, stand, walk and beg, you can hold and pet them and they are currently working on having them give kisses.

I was a bit concerned with the cost when I saw them, but I am assured that it is worthwhile, each box come with a female and a male and there is a chance of special ones in the box that’s why there are 3 boxes for each breed.  The 3 make it a random set for the customer with different looks, the food comes in a month supply for L150 which will feed all the dogs you have.

If you don’t put out new food when it gets empty, they get sick there is a medicine bone for L200 which will heal them, there are also throwing balls and treats, a full supply of beds, pens, dog houses, etc in the store.  I have included some information from their notecard below.

When you rez your pet you may have up to 3 menus.  One of the menus is called “Dog 3.6 Commander”.  Push Yes to reset the scripts each time you rez.

To name dog, type “rename” space then desired name.

Dog Food, available in the store, comes in a 4 pack supplying a month of food.   Be sure to provide a new week’s supply every 7 days.
If you dog gets sick, it will need a medicine bone.

On some dogs with the heart beat,  once rezzed click the chest to start its heart pumping right
Mutant guard dog function – click the nose and your menu will appear.   Make sure and clear memory of your visitors list in this menu when using it alot.   Tell it the distance to watch and what to do when it senses a person.
If you tell them “good dog” in chat, some have special movement functions.  This is part of our artificial intelligence mode.

In 7 days the dog will IM you for the growth cycle and tell you its location.  It will tell you the special channel (eg. /1234) and instructions to grow your dog.  Within chat range you type the channel, space and a 2 (“/1234 2).  After grown, type “grow off”.  This evolves your smart pet.

It will be able to breed in 2 weeks.
Breeding is done by placing each pair 10 meters or less distance.  If more than one female is with the male, he will breed with all of them.

Each dog has a guard dog function with visitors list.   Click his nose to gain access to set the guard dog options.

Some special mutant dogs come with different special features.   There are Mystical Dogs that come with elements.

Visit the store in-world to get accessories, dog food, toys and supplies.

Enjoy our products.
Mutant dog Productions

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