Pet Peddlers | Andreaus Beck – Star Reporter

Hi my name is Andreaus Beck,

Welcome to my first ever blog I couldn’t resist when I was asked to write about something I have come to love in secondlife what’s that you ask, Breedable fish, I answer with a huge smile on my face.

To be more precise Pet Peddlers Breedable fish released on the 12th December after going through the beta stage, I started like most with two but just over a month has passed and I now have around 150 fish.  The thing that got me hooked was the variation in size, shape and colours and the fact that all the fish are rl fish, you can Google the breeds and there they are.  The texture shape and size are as close as you could possibly get.  I take my hat off to Fisher Mode for he has created something very special for us all to enjoy, backed up with exceptional customer service and support.

I always wanted a reef in secondlife but particle fish never looked right somehow but now I have a reef full of 3 dimensional highly crafted beautiful fish.

My Reef

Below are a few of the breeds you can get altogether there are around 40 different breeds with new ones being released with future updates.

My Yamabuki Koi pure gold perfection!
Chevron Tang


These are just a taster of what’s to come please join me every week for more info on these awesome breedable fish.

Pet Peddlers HQ

Go and See Andreaus’s Superb Veronica Reef.