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What a year 2011 will be for BioBreeds and its group!  We will be releasing shortly of course.  But that is just the beginning.  Here is a short list of just some of the things we hope to get off the ground this year:

We have created a tree and a plant at this point.  Both the tree and plant will generate fruit of some kind.  This will be able to be used as a snack for the dogs.

This is just our first small step in creating an interactive environment. We plan much, much more this year. Our goal is to make it possible for you to have both animals, flora and fauna all interactive in some manner, mirroring nature.  And this in turn, will allow you to attempt to produce, as much as possible, a self sustaining environment.

Stores created by foxmenn Cortes of FC Creations

We would like to see this become an end in itself.  With a new motive for raising dogs, and other things we create, to be, to create this system.  All of it alive.   All of it interacting.

We plan a game around our creations.  While not completely formulated, here are some thoughts on how it will work.  Part of the game will offer you various ways to gain points.  And with points, a move up in rank.  As you attain the higher ranks, you will gain rewards. With the highest rank, you will be able to donate a cash award to your favorite no kill shelter, right in your home town.  If you choose, you will be able to split the reward.

BioBreeds Sim

One way you will gain points, is to turn in your excess dogs.  Another way, perhaps, will be to breed and keep certain tattoos that show up, until you have them all.  Another way may be to have your dogs participate in hunts.  For hunts, your dog will recognize things within a certain pre-determined range.  Winners obviously gaining a nice point reward.  Other ways to gain points may include other contests, the attainment of combinations of dogs, special assignments you perform for the group, the purchase of certain items and other things.

Our non-profit plan:  We intend to make contributions, through a nomination process, using our Kennel Club Members, to contribute to small NPO’s that operate no-kill dog shelters, or the like.

Phone app.  At some point this year we will introduce a phone application, where you will be able to tend to your dogs with your phone.  Or just show your friends,

This is just a taste of what we plan.  2011 will indeed be the first year in “The Next Generation of Breedables!”


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