PlantPets | New Year, New Plants

PlantPets highlights 2010
–    We took on board three new plantpet builders Calia Heartsdale, Tmzasz Luminos and leeuwie Shepherd who designed 7 new beautiful plantpet species.
–    The PlantPet baby market grew throughout the year. More and more farmers are breeding plantpets now and sell their production on the market.
–    We celebrated the 3rd birthday of PlantPets in December 2010 with a special limited edition plantpet and a PlantPets trivia game with many awards donated by our friends as well as collectible PlantPets memorabilia.

PlantPets plans for 2011
We have planned the release of PlantPet 3.0 for the first quarter of 2011. This year we also plan to release at least 12 new species.


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