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Well although this was advertised as Beta release for Greentown‘s Lamb, it is really so much more….  There is a barn for one thing, and then there is a fence, but don’t forget to set up the feeding trough and the watering tub, which can’t be filled unless you have the Water Tower nearby.  So you aren’t really Beta testing a lamb here, but a whole interactive system.  JC Zepp and Cynthia Sabretooth are the creators of the GreenTown game inworld, with JohnQ Ballyhoo and Fnordian Link.  Horses, cattle, and chickens are next on the list to be added to the system, followed by ducks, pigs and raccoon in the future.

JC Zepp at the new GreenTown Country Store

Beta Testing NoteCard…..

In your test package you’ll find:

1- 16X16 fence
1- 32X32 fence
4- baby lamb
1- water tower
1-watering tub
1-water hose
1- vitamin shot
1- growth shot
1- feed trough
1- feed sack
1- 10X10 barn


To set up your GreenTown test area you’ll need to rezz a few things.
Rezz your fence and position it where you want it. Rezz your barn and do the same, but it must remain inside the fence. Rezz your feed trough and watering tub somewhere inside the fence. Rezz your water tower somewhere within 100M of the watering tub, but it doesnt have to be inside the fence.

Rezz as many lamb as you like, We’ve included 4.

Stand near your feed trough and wear the feed sack to fill the trough.
Stand near your watering tub and wear the water hose to fill the tub with water.

You can rename your lamb by touching it and selecting NEW NAME from the menu options. You’ll notice stats in floating text. The stats indicate hunger, thirst, and eventually pregnancy(after they mature). It takes around 7 days for the lamb to mature into a sheep.

You can also change the color of the floating text via the menu, or make it so only the name shows in floating text.

The lamb eat once per day and drink once per day. Their stat %’s reflect how long it has been since they ate or drank. When the number gets to 100%, they’ll eat and drink, providing food and water is available.

You’ll notice the occasional thought bubble appear above the lamb’s head as well. This is normal:)

Play around with the animals menu if you like, get a feel for it.

The lamb will roam all over within the fence, rest sometimes, and then twitch her ears periodically and wag her tail.

We have programmed the lamb to only be active when someone is around, to lessen lag in the SIM.

Touch the barn and you’ll find another menu. You can SHOW or HIDE the barn, and make your lamb go to the barn upon request. You can stable all animals or touch each animal and make them go to the barn one at a time.

GO TO BARN makes all animals go to the barn.
GO TO PASTURE makes them go to their last recorded spot in the pasture

Do not rezz the lamb atop of prim grass, as this will affect their height from the ground.

The purpose of the water tower is to supply the hose with fresh water. Without the tower, the hose will not fill the tub and your animals go thirsty.

If the animals are without food and water for more than around 2 days, they die.  You can acquire more BETA test food at our store. The food lasts one animal 30 days, or 4 animals about a week.

When they mature after around 7 days, you then have the option to harvest them.

After the lamb mature, they give rewards. In this case it’s bags of wool. The lamb will rezz the bags of wool in the pasture somewhere, then you’ll go touch the bag of wool to retrieve it and collect your reward.

WIth the other animals the rewards will vary from pails of milk, eggs, etc, depending on the animal.

The shots functions:

The growth shot is to be used from time of birth til time of maturity (between 0 and 7 days). It increases the lambs growth rate by a few hours as you’ll see.

The vitamin shot is to be used during early stages of pregnancy (between 8 and 12 days) to ensure a healthy baby lamb is delivered

The pregnancy:

The pregnancy will start on or around day 7 and go on  for a few weeks.
When the sheep is ready to give birth you’ll have to touch the sheep and select GIVE BIRTH from the menu. Then watch as your baby lamb is born!

You can also pet your GreenTown animals by right clicking them and selecting PET from the pie menu

Please enjoy your beta test product and if you see any bugs, please report them via NOTECARD to Fnordian Link and JC Zepp. Please be detailed with your notecard and be sure to list what conditions the error occurred in (heavy lag SIM, SIM restart, normal conditions, etc…). Thank you for your help:)

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4 thoughts on “GreenTown | Lamb Beta Release

  1. Pregnancy lasts a couple of WEEKS? Really? Unfortunately they lost me at that. It is hard enough to have breedables that are pregnant for three days. I think that is the first thing that needs to be changed, and quickly.

  2. Although that is a good point and something I’m sure they will consider, I think you also need to consider the goal of a game like GreenTown. Which I think you would find is more to do with offering a virtual farm-like experience rather than creating a buy and sell breedable market product.

  3. Yes Kimberly. The goal of our company from the start has been to make available to the public a low cost, high quality interactive farming game in SL. We are not typical breedable merchants, in that you don’t even need a male to reproduce. Plus our business plan doesn’t call for creating an after market of buy/sell/trade for our regular animals, which in the past has been shown to lower the value of the animal because of supply/demand situations. Such as the horses, whose short breeding times made them money at first because of feed sales, but ultimately spelled their demise as the market became flooded with horses and prices dropped. We have learned from the horse creator’s mistake and have developed a unique business plan which will allow us to have a more stable corner of the market. Plus our overall financial goal isn’t to make as much money as fast as we can, but instead to make enough money for pay for research and development, builds,animations, sounds, textures, scripting,land, etc…, and still have money left over at the end of the day to make monthly charitable donations to help stave off hunger in our country (USA).

    So if a 3 week gestation period scares you, take into consideration that we take enough pride in our work and craftsmanship and making a truly adorable product, that we feel confident will be around for a good long time in SL.

    Just remember that our goal is not to be the next breedable in SL, but to bring all residents a fun-to-play totally interactive virtual farming game.

  4. A few things I like about these. I like the barn & pasture set up you get. I like the talk bubbles..I’ve never seen it before & I think it’s cute. I like that they only eat once a day. But I hope that doesnt mean it’s hard to get food. I like how they programmed the lamb to only be active when someone is around, to lessen lag in the SIM. You can show or hide the barn & make your lamb go to the barn upon request. I like how the animals give rewards & how each animals rewards are different to match that animal. I don’t like some things though..If the animals are without food & water for more than around 2 days, they DIE. Not get sick..apparently? The food lasts one animal 30 days, or 4 animals about a week. That would kill my bank account. & the week long preggos..I see it could be a good idea but I would be SO impaitent lol. & I don’t really like how they look.. the sculpties & such… :/ but hopefully are being worked on before released. But these look fun 😀

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