C & C Hardship Assistance Policy

Notecard that was released in the group from Cog Zeplin.

I have been doing a little thinking lately and I know that SL is a game, but I also know fisrt hand that people become emotionally attached to the poeple in SL and the things we have in SL, such as Breedable pets.  For a lot of us, these little digital pet some how, some way become …kind of real to us… or kind of …. … well, you know what I am talking about.

I have also become very aware that most all of us have hit or are close to hitting hard economic times, both in SL and RL.  In the past few days, I have spoke with several people that are finding it hard to find the linden to feed these virtual pets of ours that eat or die or become sick, costing even more linden to heal or but one.

I realize that lowering the food prices or making the food free would greatly effect the market prices of the these pets, but I also find it hard to see people hurt because they just dont have the linden to keep there pets alive til that next payday or until some of their items sell.  Believe it or not, these things really do bother me, to the point that at time I just can’t sleep and at times just dont want to sell things anymore.  But then I remember all the joy that these things I create bring to some peoples lifes.

When I started that Grouse, I have always said that its mission is to make a breedable pet that everyone could afforsd to buy and keep, by both lowering the prim of it and by providing cheap food.  I also have said that if anyone could not afford to feed them, they should come to me and I would help you out.

Recently I have discovered a few people that were strugling with hard times and did not come to me.  Maybe that is my fault for not making it clear that I try to be a very understanding and giving person, and all you need to do is talk to me, explain what is going on and I will do what I can to help who ever I can.  I never want anyone to ever worry about how they will keep my products alive during hard times…. trust me, I know first hand what hard times are like.

So effective immediately, I have given Hunny Bunny Gift cards to mebers of my SL family, with hopes that if I am not online and if it is brought to their attention that someone is in need of assistance, these family members can give that person temporary assistance until the next time I am online and can meet with that peoson and see what I can do on a case by case situation to best assist that person.

I have setup a gift card system for a SINGLE ITEM HUNNY BUNNY vendor in the main shop where you can not only buy single carrots, cakes, jelly apples and hay, but you can also pay with a gift card that my SL family members can hand out.

Now, a word of warning.  I am doing this to assist people in a temporary, urgent type case situation, if I discover anyone attempting to take advantage to this arrangement…… well, lets just say… feeding your pets will be the least of your problems.  Please, don’t anyone attempt to take advantage of this program.

PLEASE, if you find yourself in need of assistance, please do not be afraid to talk to me about it.

Shea Monnett
Chloe Farquart
Davina Caerndow
Digital Digital