The Breeder Chronicles

Please welcome Rizzyd Ragu to Binc.  I’ve seen Rizzy round the ridges for a while now and noticed his writing ability when he started posting the adventures of his new HunnyBunny’s to the C&C Creations group.  He has decided to branch out and share his talents on the blogosphere with a semi-regular column here at Binc, called The Breeder Chronicles.


Who I am,
I am what you would call a Hoarder.  I have had just about every breedable here in second life at one time or another and have decided it is time I join one of the blogs to post my opinions.
Just to let you know I am a good friend with the creators of 3 or 4 of them and have struck up conversations with many of the others.  Will this influence me?  Nope.  I am who I am.  An opinionated person who will, no matter how good a friend, tell you what I think.  I have been told this is my least endearing trait.

I have often asked what gives one person the right to judge anothers work (don’t believe me?  Ask my wife.  She’s in-world) and by what right did they stand on to be able to pronounce that judgment? Well, it turns out experience is a good platform to start with, and experience in breedables is one thing I have.  I was there when Sion sold his first chicken, I was there when Matt and Grim sold the first turtle eggs (and was a part of the group that actually sold the first after market product).
Right up to being among the first to see the new breedable bats, the 4th dog, and as we speak I have the betas for the GreenTown sheep on my land.
Why?  So that I can use my experience with breedables to give you the reader an informed if not somewhat humorous opinion of the animals.  Can I be bought off?  Nope… no amount of linden or product can sway my opinion.  If I like it, you’ll know.  If not… you’ll know that too.

Rizzyd Ragu