The Breeder Chronicles | State of the Breedables

My fellow Breeders,
I come to you today to deliver the state of the breedables in SL, and the outlook is not good.  I say this for many reasons and the biggest of them I feel as follows.

The first problem is that the economy in RL has finally trickled down to SL. People are buying fewer of the breedable animals (and other items as well), and this is leading to a lot of “eggs” in inventories.  With more eggs in inventories, that leads to the lowering of prices or, in a lot of cases, outright stagnation of some breedables.  There isn’t a lot that can be done about this, and, as in the past, the people are going to have to ride this out.  It will get better.

The second problem is a glut of breedables.  Way back when Sion got the idea of the chickens is when this started.  Once the clever scripters out there saw an idea that worked they had to recreate it, and we end up with breedable everything (no kidding I have seen a breedable chair and table as well as a breedable tree).  Add to the mix the open source scripts that were left by another breeder that went belly up and you have everything trying to breed with everything else.

The third problem I just mentioned: the XS scripts.  Open source was a good idea, but they were put out to open source as a learning tool not to be the basis of breeding a square prim with a sphere.  Now before you get your feathers ruffled, I too was guilty of this.  But then, I thought better and didn’t release it (actually 2 different breedables).  Do I mean for you to delete them and give up the idea?  No, not my purview to say, BUT slow up using them.  It might be a good idea.

With the top three problems of the breedables set out, now is the time to come up with a solution.  Do I have it?  No, I am no Economic Genius, never claimed to be.  I breed Pixels and love doing it.  I am just as affected as you are, and worry about my bunnies and sheep and other breedables.  I have forgone buying that one special outfit I might need just to feed my critters or have the cash to give my wife to feed hers.

There are breeders out there willing to help in ways that are unexpected.  Everyone needs to chip in and be patient things will take an upturn.  They have to sooner or later.  In the mean time I suggest choosing the one or 2 that you enjoy and breed for fun, not profit.  I mean if you can sell some, Go for it.  But, for now, fun should rule out.

Rizzyd Ragu


6 thoughts on “The Breeder Chronicles | State of the Breedables

  1. Rizzy,

    I, for the most part, respect what you are saying about the economy within pets markets.

    However, as far as XS scripts being a “problem” and used to generate “breeding a square prim with a sphere”, I am compelled to take a stand for the extremely creative uses of the open source XS scripts.

    These developers have added a lot to the game by releasing simple, easy, and rather inexpensive pets to add enrichment to our game experience.

    One developer in particular has set the “golden standard” by which I judge all others because of his service and dedication to his customers.

    I have actually have more success in the market with these XS based pets than anything else right now, simply because they are much less expensive and more reliable than most of the 2010 breedable releases.

    They are a fantastic alternative to the 4L$+/day per pet food costs required to feed and breed pets that were created using complicated, unreliable/buggy scripts & databases that break often on pets that are also incredibly expensive to acquire and maintain.

    I say, instead of asking for a “slow-up” in using these scripts to compete against the big money developers, let the open source free market and generosity continue with developers/creators bringing us more options for inexpensive fun pets!

    Instead, as I sincerely believe, perhaps a few of those big name breedable developers releasing pets in 2010 could learn a thing or two about today’s customer economic needs from these XS script modders.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Ahlanna Aura

    1. Hey, Go for it. I Didn’t mean the Idea of the article was to draw the attenion to the scripts but to the overall stae of the breedable market. But If you insist.
      Oh and by, the way I too own not only bredables based on the xs scripts, But I own a copy of the scripts and have developed a breedable with them. Will I be releasing them? No! and why? Because right now the economy inworld in the breedables will not support too many more “… rather inexpensive pets to add enrichment to our game experience…” Will I release them in the future? Sure, Once I think the inworld economy has stablized and will garner the monitary support needed to further develop and update them. My words were not ment to say NEVER release them, just slow up for now.
      As for the “… unreliable/buggy scripts & databases that break often on pets that are also incredibly expensive to acquire and maintain…” breeders, if they are that bad, how come they are more successful? Other than Cog Zeplins grouse (XS based) I don’t know of one thats doing more than filling a void. Should I go to the diffrent creators useing them (Many) and ask “Hey, hows those scripts doing in your breedable?” (Too Personal) so I have to answer in a generality. maybe I should have phrased it better. “while the scripts are an affordable way to bring a bredable into second life. Those who use them should be ready to correct the delibrate and hidden flaws in them so that they would be better able to use and update them in the future as well as create those all important specials.” hows that?

  2. I did not intend to appear argumentative, I agree with you on most points with the state of the markets and the massive overflow of supply.

    I just can’t agree with placing the blame for this excessive supply on the availability of a number of newly introduced pets based on XS scripts.

    The market problems are more likely a problem of the incredible supply vs lower demand of a single particular type of pet, not the fact that there are now many different types of scripted pets available.

    I just do not agree with the stance that the XS script based pets are part of the market’s economic problems. If anything, it helps to give consumers who desire breedable pets another affordable option and a less risky introduction to scripted pets.

    “breeders, if they are that bad, how come they are more successful?”

    Greed drives it, but as you’ve said the market is bottoming out quickly after release for many of these breedable pets.

    Is a pet developer determined to be more successful if a small percentage of players (and the developer, of course) make massive amounts of money for only a few months during the “fad” phase of their release until the market is completely flooded with this type of pet or are they really more successful when they have a steady customer base trading on the pets for as long as the pet is supported?

    The massive oversupply of any one specific type of pet for sale at any given time in the markets, Supply vs Demand, and the maintenance expense coupled with the high unreliability rate for some of those pets is far more detrimental to their long-term success and marketability than the fact that there is less expensive alternative XS based pets coming out.

    I personally think you should release your pets, we need more inexpensive and fun pets out there for consumers. I’ll watch for it and they will have a place on my Sim and in my market. Even if it is a cube and a ball mating, well heck that sounds like a riot to me LOL

    I see a higher profit margin per pet unit produced and sold, based on sales vs maintenance expense, on an XS script breedable products.

    Yes, when there does become an oversupply of a particular XS scripted pet on the market, then that absolutely will affect their profitability. However, since they cost so little to maintain in relation to most of the 2010 releases, I believe players will continue to remain loyal to those products extending the product’s overall longevity in the game.

    Each type of pet script has it’s own customer base, though there are many of us like you that enjoy all types, but we also have to realize that the marketability of some of these pets is destined to become “short-lived” by overuse, fad and player frustration, so they may never fully recover.

  3. “… we also have to realize that the marketability of some of these pets is destined to become “short-lived” by overuse, fad and player frustration, so they may never fully recover.” Is the line in the last reply is what I was meaning. Yes there is copy after copy of the xs scripts out there and yes they are being sold after some people go in a file Xundras fingerprints off of them. But thats where one of my MAJOR gripes come in.
    I know of atleast 3 of the breedables that the “creator” bought the scripts. One for the “cheap” price of 15,000L. Does this lend itself for use in a “short lived fad” breedable? I feel sorry for her and If i had the cash to do it i’d refund the money she spent on them to make her breedable.
    Does this meet with the spirit of why the scripts were released?

  4. Let me supplement that I have no intentions of ever creating or releasing any scripted breedable pet of my own. I only view this subject as a humble consumer, a breeder, sim and a market owner.

    I don’t have any first hand knowledge of her (XS) original scripts or of what intentions she had to distribute, “open source”, or whether she had imposed restrictions regarding the future sale of the scripts to other potential creators.

    Open source implies to me that anyone can do whatever they’d like to do, thus creating, modifying, slapping their name on it and redistributing it as they see fit.

    (Buyer beware at that point, if something is truly unrestricted and freely available then I probably would not pay someone else for it, not unless they’ve made some real valuable proprietary improvements to the original.)

    Licensed use implies that the buyer of the script purchases a license to create, modify and distribute a product created under that license.. however they may not always be allowed to resell, alter, or redistribute the originally licensed material without restrictions.

    That her scripts had such a strong base of loyal customers under the XS brand and that these customers so greatly enjoy the pets she created using her scripts that there was a great outcry when she left, I would think that is high honor to her, no matter what the spirit of her intentions were when she released them for use. Only she can answer that.

    All I can say is that if she allowed others to use her scripts to freely create any variety of style of breedable pet they wished, limited only by the creative and imaginative use of prims for the object, then I am extremely grateful for it because there’s some really cute simple inexpensive pets out there for the consumer.

    Does that variety affect the quantity and my overall active participation in other breedable pets products? Absolutely NOT AT ALL!

    Developers/creators often take the many other opportunities to lose my continued business and turn me away from their products long before a matter of the choice of prims ever comes into play.

    That has nothing to do with the “make a load of lindens” off of initial product sales, charge for updated product sales and the breedable food required to support the product during the initial dump of supply to the secondary market type of “fads” that have been taking place. There’s nothing “wrong” with that business model for a developer, but consumers should not be shocked when that type of model has a very short lifespan on the secondary market, either.

    If you want to have a product with any future market, darn, don’t have it squirt out so many duplicate common units that your customer will be forced to resell, yes everthing, because if they don’t sell it they’ve lost their shirts to the acquisition and maintenance costs of your product.

    Don’t allow the product’s reputation to become one of lack of reliability, a factor to further hinder your customer’s resale ability on the secondary markets.

    And don’t make it cost so much to maintain per unit that new customers can’t afford the upkeep on the product in today’s economy.

    Oh wait .. that’s sounding like some of the existing XS based scripted pets to me. I’m not going to complain, as a consumer, about more options to the prim’s styles (pet types) that have come or are coming available.

    Competition between distributors/developers/creators and having many choices is always a good thing for the consumer.

    1. That is sort of the point I was trying to make. Use them but use them Wisely… dont make a breedable just because everyone else is. Do it for fun or dont do it.
      As a consummer of many of the breedables that have been released I have seen the rise and fall of many a good idea, and grived when I had to either delete them for lack of support or supplies or they just got too expencive to keep fed because i couldn’t recoup my investment. I have selected a breedable that I love and am at present experimenting with others and am happy with them. My wife swears by (and at) her grouse because she adores the little pixles, meanwhile I have a friend who not only has 5 of the external breedables but her hubby made one (XS based) and is tickled pink with them… so like I said. dont raise them for profit,raise them for fun and you will never be upset with them.

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