EcoGen | New Year Plans

Hi All,

2011 has begun well for EcoGen, we have enough of a user base to fairly comfortably run as a going concern and our flagship products- Snails and Tulips are running bug free thanks to the great efforts of our B testing team.

Sculpty Tulips

New Sculpty Tulip

My main efforts at the moment are on our sculpty Tulips.  These grow – buds form and then bloom, and if you go to the main store you will see some on my B test garden (the massive garden at the back).

Ive got the hardest bits of scripting done and now their are just several bugs to fix so it looks like we will be able to release these within 2 months.  The new composts that will support these will work with your existing Tulips- if you plant you current Tulips on it their offspring will be sculpties with the same Genetics.

Secret Species

The sculpty Tulip compost will also produce up to 5 secret species (4 types of mushroom and clover) which will not be breedable but will reproduce and be collectible, with some rarer than others.

Sculpty Bees.

Finally, we are also working on sculpty Bees thanks to some great sculpting work by our sculpters, Astroth Vega and Spankmy Boucher.

SO their are some great new products coming out in the next few months- and I will be establishing a market at Fenchurch (where the main store will be moving to in early February) so that you will be able to trade your new breeds too.

Thanks for all your support- I only got this project this far along because of the feedback I have had from the numerous EcoGen gardeners.  We are a small group at the moment but our EcoGen script engine is unique as it follows Mendelian RL genetics making this a platform that offers more than anything else out there.  The fact that all our products interrelate in a true Ecosystem will in the long run I’m sure make this project last unlike the traditional boom bust breedables model that you’ve seen again and again.

Essex Aristocrat