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Hey all you breedable lovers out there. As pointed out in a previous post (Good Job Rizz!) the breedable market has taken its share of hits (along with a lot of SL businesses) with the down swing of the economy. I thought now might be a good time to talk to the actual creator/co-owner of one of the longest running breedables, the Petable Turtles. Matthew Anthony, co-owner/creator of the Petable Turtles, which officially had their grand opening launch September 2009, have come a LONG way. Here’s what Matt had to say about 2010, in reflection, and what the future holds for Petables. In Matt’s own words:
When I think back about what 2010 was for the Petable Turtles, a lot comes to mind.

The year began with the turtles completely changing their look to something much cuter than what we had before.

(note from Brie, to illustrate this point an original med shine new years)

and lunaria eclipse with her over sized Gray

At the same time, we added the Birthstone turtles, which remained popular throughout the year. In March, we became the first pet that you could accessorize, and we now have released hundreds of options for this, ranging from hats to flowers they hold in their mouths and all kinds of other seasonal or holiday accessories.

Later in the Spring, we became the first (and still only, to my knowledge) breedable to keep the food your purchase on our server, so that it cannot be lost to the asset server. This allows us to ensure our customers that the food they purchase won’t just disappear if something happens to their sim.

Summer brought a journey through space with the Cosmic turtles. Not all of these have been discovered yet in the 6 months since we released them, but they remain some of the most beautiful turtles that are out there.

The Fall brought version 2 of the turtles, and with it many changes and improvements! The biggest of these was racing and the four racing training mini-games that allow an unparalleled level of activity with your turtles, should you choose to partake in them.

So far in the new year, we have introduced the Zodiac turtles which will be available throughout the year (following the 12 sign tropical Zodiac, not the new 13 sign sidereal Zodiac 😉 ) and the snow-covered Winter turtle.

2011 promises to hold many more exciting times for the Petable team. I can’t go into too much more detail quite yet, but I can promise you this: we have been innovators in the breedable pet arena for a year and a half now, and we will continue to be so in 2011 and beyond.

Matt Gave me this teaser of a pic, and as any of you that are familiar with Petable, they LOVE to tease us with whats to come, dropping hints and not quite telling us whats next!

I had a great time talking with Matt about all this, and taking a step back down memory lane with Petables. Watch for the next post, where we are going to check in with the turtle racers, and cosmic breeders to see what the universe has given us, and until then, Happy Breeding!



2 thoughts on “Petable | 2010 Reflected!

  1. Thank you for the terrific article about a favorite pet, Brie.

    I love the Petables creators, they have generously gifted their customers so many great options and special pets.

    Other breedables may come and go, but I will always keep my beautiful little sassy turtles.

    I can’t wait to see what brilliant (and likely perfectly warped) project they’ve got in store for us next!

  2. same here the turtles are still my favorite breedable, the cosmics and zodiacs are soo fun to collect

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