Blooming Butterflies | Sneak Peek


From the crew who brought us Krazy Kittys

Blooming Butterflies

The life cycle system will bring butterfly eggs to caterpillar
then to chrysalis stage and then the butterfly will be born.

Entering invite only closed beta soon.

Join the SL Group  “Blooming Butterflies Breedable Pets” for announcements.

Home Plant
Eggs & Caterpillar


Chrysalis Stage


A Blooming Butterfly



4 thoughts on “Blooming Butterflies | Sneak Peek

  1. Oh wow these look great! Really really cute. &’s sitting on a mushroom. Can’t wait till these come out hehe. I’m joining the group. Wish I could be in beta..but they are picking their friends I think. I don’t know. But yeah! These look cool. 🙂 Props.

  2. i like a breedable I have a sim with a lot of diferente breedable if I can get a test it is with pleasure was soon chipie seymour

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