Wild Batz | Released

The new xs breedable to hit the market is a breedable bat.

When i first heard of them, i went to see what the new breedable was all about. When you first arrive you land in a cave, and see several bats flying around these little trees that work as there homepoint and one is for the food. They are pretty cute as they fly around and perch on the trees.

As i walked around i met up with the owner (Wild Moonwall) and asked her some questions about the bats. There are two different starter packs that you can buy, there is the standard one and the vampire set. The vampire bats have particles on them when touched.

And don’t forget while you are there to pick up the first special that has come out, the Arizona Bat. Wild said there will be a different bat for each state, so hurry and grab the first one before its all gone.

Wild Batz Breedable Bat Instructions

Breedable Bats!

1. Rez Womb Boxes and touch them to un-package the bat wombs.

2. Click on the womb and select “Birth” from the menu

3. Rez a Bat Tree near the bats, and click on the Bat Tree and set the home position from the menu.
You can get a  Bat Tree by touching a bat and selecting  Bat Tree from the menu.

4. Place Bat Food Trees within reach of the bats.

Bats and wombs cannot be taken into inventory unless packaged in Bat Crates and Womb Boxes, or they will die.
To package a bat for transport or transfer, rez a Bat Crate and then click on the bat and select “Package”.
To package a womb for transport or transfer, rez an Womb Box and click on the womband select “Package”.

Bats and wombs will package themselves in any available Bat Crate or Womb Box that you own that is rezzed, so only rez empty ones right before you use them.

Bats reach breeding age after 7 days, and then can produce wombs, as long as you have a male and female set to the same Bat Tree.

You can set the roaming range of the bats by touching the Bat Tree and changing the range from the menu.

Bats will roost when they sleep, but you can roost or un-roost them from the Bat Tree menu.

Your bats will eventually die or starvation if the food runs out, or if you take them into inventory without first placing them in a bat crate.
You can store them in crates in inventory, and they will not grow hungry.

Crated bats and boxed wombs are transferable. Empty Womb Boxes and Bat Crates are available free at the Wild Batz headquarters.
If the headquarters is moved, check the profile of wild Moonwall for the new location.

Join the Wild Batz group to stay informed of updates and specials!

SLurl: Wild Batz




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