Just Quickly

I just wanted to quickly let all my Lovelies in SL know that I am safe and well. Those of you that know I reside in North Queensland will be aware there is a Category 5 Cyclone on it’s way to my place. Thankfully I was already out of the area, visiting family in the previous disaster zone, Brisbane.
My pretty pouch travels with us so all is safe, the only concern I have is for Mac, my computer, but he will just have to take care of himself for the moment.
I hope to return home by Friday, depending on just how much devastation Yasi leaves behind. Until then all I can do is wait and wonder.
Being unexpectedly kept away from my breedables has once again brought to mind something I have been wanting to write about which is the best and worst in Breedables when it comes to leaving them when you go away. I would love it if you breedables lovers out there would share which breedable you think is the best and worst when it comes to leaving them alone. Whether it be because you can just box them up and shove them in inventory, or they have food which lasts a long time, which do you think are the most convenient?
Please email me (can be found on the sidebar) or leave a comment. If I get enough I will compile them in a post about Breedables on Ice, lol.
Your Aussie on the Breedables Beat,
Tracy Sparrowtree

Cyclone Yasi