Pet Peddlers | Andreaus Beck Reporting

Hi again my apologies for the lack of a blog last week. It’s been a busy for me with the new breed book and looking after my fishes but I’m here so let’s talk…..


Wow what a month it’s been so many new breeders joining the fish, welcome one and all to the best breedable in SL.  Ok let’s do a bit of useful info this week


I see this quite a lot in group chat, when do they mate & how often.

Well when your fish reaches seven days it starts to build love, it takes approximately two days to reach 100% then a further fifteen minutes until they mate, once they mate they go into a rest period of 4 days.  You can see how much longer they have to go by clicking on your fish and viewing full stats (I have a headache means time remaining) then they build love again, once they get to this stage they mate every six or seven days.

To bond or not to bond that is the question………

Well to be honest it’s down to how you want to breed, some bond some don’t.  There are two ways to do the fish, breed and sell your bags or breed to get bred out fish.  I do the later I birth 80% of my bags and breed them back to the parents or similar breeds, there is no right or wrong way to breed its down to you and what you like to do.


This one is really important traits are why we breed the fish, to create your perfect fish you need these, the traits you need to get into your fish are Shimmer and Dazzle these to me are the most important as these change the way your fish looks completely.  Then add some special eyes, these are amazing and will triple or quadruple the value of your fish.  Last for me comes the bubble, but that’s only because I have particles turned off most of the time.  We all have our favourite traits, mine is shimmer, get dazzle on an Achilles tang and it looks Awesome, get shimmer on a Koi I’m in heaven lol.

These fish are very special and we need to look after them because I would love to still be in SL in 3 years time and see these fish all over the grid, so till next week my fish loving friends it time for me to sign off for another week.  I promise some more pictures next week when I will be looking for some of the best fish I can find to show you.

Happy breeding and let’s get your friends breeding too

Andreaus Beck