A New Old Face…

Once upon a time, in a skybox far far away… lived this blogger who dreamed of, well… blogging again, what else do bloggers do?  Some of you may remember the name, some of you may not, truth is it doesn’t quite matter, I’m here now!  The name is Kirakah, for those of you wracking your mind on pronunciation and would like to skip the hassle, Kira is fine.  I previously teamed up with Tracy Sparrowtree to help contribute to The Chicken Diaries (TCD) with PacificBlue Hanly.  After TCD closed I took a short break from blogging but am so happy to be back.  On that positive note, I will be chatting with you all real soon!
– Kirakah Little


About Kirakah Little

Hello, I am the virtual pixelated feminist from Colorado. This is the dedication to my virtual mind of my avatar on secondlife. To learn more go to www.secondlife.com