Rumor Has It… Kitty Cattery Is In The Works!

Rumor has it, that a new KittyCat gathering place is in the works!  I was chatting with Sookie Slafford owner of Jolly Farm a few days ago when she let me in on a secret, Kitty Cattery will be opening very soon!  Sookie has joined up with Alia Whitfield to create Kitty Cattery, and bring you some amazing works for these new bundles of fur.  For those of you who have visited Jolly Farm know the amazing work of Sookie Slafford, for those of you who haven’t been, I suggest you get there now and see what you’re missing out on!  Kitty Cattery is said to bring amazing new accessories for your KittyCatS.  Sookie has mentioned things that will include toys, beds, and surely so much more!  Here is the teaser that Sookie released just last night.

Sookie Slafford was kind enough to give me an exclusive interview for the blog!  Read on to see what amazing things she has in store for you!

Kirakah Little: What kinds of products will be available at launch [of the store]?
Sookie Slafford: A variety of pet beds, window perches, cat trees, kitty toys, blankets, litter boxes and a special set of Kitty Cattery branded accessories that are still a little hush hush 😛

Kirakah Little: Can we count on some amazing unique collars in the future?
Sookie Slafford: I cannot confirm nor deny the possibility that we might maybe be working on some amazing and unique collars for the future. 😀

Kirakah Little: How do you plan on making these items truly unique?
Sookie Slafford: I think what makes our products unique is the time and detail we’re putting into them. Alia Whitfield while new at sculpting is truly amazing. She’s made some amazing sculpts for our products and she’s really been the innovative brain in our duo. I expect a lot of other businesses to spring up with cat beds and trees but I can promise that we’re going to do it bigger, better and with the utmost attention to details.

Kirakah Little: Anything going on for the opening?  Special gifts? Party?
Sookie Slafford: Yes! Kitty Cattery will first open to our bloggers and they will receive a very special showing and surprise. 🙂 The bloggers and the members of the Kitty Cattery group will receive special freebies never to be sold in the store and only available for the grand opening day.

Kirakah Little: Ohhh exciting!
Sookie Slafford: Yes, it’s very exciting. We really want to give back to the bloggers and to those who join the group early on in support of our store.

Kirakah Little: Will the group cost eventually? If so, how much?
Sookie Slafford: The group will eventually have a cost – as most groups in SL tend to do when a lot of freebies are involved. We’re not prepared to tell everyone the price of the group just yet. 😀

Kirakah Little: When can we expect it [the store] open to the public?
Sookie Slafford: Oh what a loaded question. We want to open this weekend, but let’s face it… we get so close to opening and we come up with more ideas for things we want to make. Most of our products are original sculpts and texturing which takes a lot of time. I’m shooting for next weekend at the latest. Cross your paws. 😀

Kirakah Little: No fair! You’re teasing.  I’m so excited.
Sookie Slafford: Good! We want people to be as excited as we are. 😀 We’ve put so much work into this and tried to keep things organized and easy for the customers. I’m woman enough to admit that the level of detail and the work that’s gone into this is steps ahead of my store, Jolly Farm.

Kirakah Little: Will these items be suited for other breedable cats in SL?
Sookie Slafford: Yes, in fact I think a lot of our items will be suited for pets in general. While we’re in the business for breeding and selling KittyCatS, the items really can be used with any cats… and bunnies too for that matter. 😉

Kirakah Little: Will Alia and yourself be striving to breed certain traits?
Sookie Slafford: KittyCatS are admittedly Alia’s first experience with breedables. 😀 I can’t speak really for her since she’s so new to the concept. Getting into KittyCatS reminds me of when I got into Ozimals a little over a year ago and I expect like everyone else, it’ll be a lot of trial and error – mixing our cats and seeing what we get! Of course eventually it’ll turn into breeding for specific traits but it’s all about the fun for now. We’re just anxiously waiting for our kitties to be ready!

Kirakah Little: Aren’t we all!  We all start somewhere, seeing as KittyCatS are so new, I believe a lot of us will be doing the same.  Well thank you so much Sookie.  We look forward to the opening!
Sookie Slafford: You’re so welcome 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to interview me. That was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to show Kitty Cattery to everyone 😀

So I decided to teleport over to the future dig site (pun intended) to see what my kitty senses could pick up.  The landmark will be the actual Kitty Cattery landing point once the store is in place.  The store itself isn’t available to see, however, you may want to teleport there and join the group as it’s still free.  You can join by clicking the group joiner located here.  Members of the Kitty Cattery group will receive exclusive gifts, promised by Sookie Slafford to NOT be re-textured or colored, true exclusive gifts only available to those members of the group.  So teleport over there and click that group inviter before you miss out!


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