Kitty Cattery Grand Opening TONIGHT!

That’s correct ladies and gents, tonight at midnight!  Word got around in the Kitty Cattery group that Sookie and Alia have decided to hold the grand opening at midnight (Secondlife Time) so don’t miss out!  I’ve been informed that an exclusive free gift will be available for those who attend the grand opening.  A little birdie told me it’s so unique that there’s nothing like it on the market, the gift will be out long enough for those not there for the opening to hop on over quickly to pick it up!  Don’t panic if you miss the grand opening, I’ll have a follow up blog for everyone who wasn’t able to attend.  I was hoping to prance over there and take a peek at the building but it’s still hidden away until midnight. So for those of you dying to see something, anything!  Check out this adorable gift they sent out the other night to all bloggers….

Orpheus would like to thank Kitty Cattery for their kind and generous gift, he truly feels like a royal feline!  This adorable 14 prim canopy bed for your pets has eight adorable textures and is amazingly detailed.  This is the first gift that Kitty Cattery has sent and you can surely see the amazing work Alia and Sookie have put into their product!


Anyways, I hope to see everyone tonight, take care, love your kitties, and I’ll see you there! [click for SLurl]  Remember tonight at midnight!


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