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Breedables in the headlines!  Extra extra read all about it, Meeroos in Best of SL Magazine!  It appears the not yet released Meeroos will be featured on the cover on Best of SL Magazine for March.  Frolic Mills Show featured Levio Serenity, the main scriptor from Meeroos today in a live interview and attempt to get a few questions the frenzy followings of Meeroos had to ask.  Levio Serenity is one of three co-owners of Meeroos, he has partnered with Catherine Farspire and Chimeric Crescendo to bring you these amazing works that you all know as Meeroos.

Levio went on to explain a little bit about how the Meeroos will operate and a few basic features.  The meeroos will imitate real genetics with a dominant recessive relationship.  The meeroos will have different types such as artic and pine, each type having several variations of coats within that type of meeroo.  Each type of meeroo will eat a different type of food, therefor you will need to be selective on which types you breed or have seperate food types available as a pine meeroo may not share the same food bowl as an arctic meeroo. It is unclear if all types will be based on real world regions or a mixture of fantasy as well.  They will be able to pass on traits such as eyes, hair styles, tails, and “parts.”  What do you mean “parts?”  Well.. the meeroos will be 13-17 prims and have a chance to obtain legendary parts.  At this time no further information on these legendary parts is available but one can assume they will be body pieces that are extremely rare.  Also, Levio stated that they have implemented a stunning 100 plus eye colors!  The meeroos will have several mini games that will directly influence your meeroo and your status in the game that will be implemented with the meeroos to learn more about this game check out our previous blog post about The Wonderful World of Meeroos. The game aspect will include a HUD, this will allow you to check several features of your meeroo.  This HUD will show you stats such a rarity of the selected meeroo traits on a rating scale of 1 to 6, 1 being common and 6 being rare.  Rarity?  What might that suggest?  Perhaps these legendary parts?  Perhaps special variations of coat markings?  We don’t quite know yet!  Levio stated that as you level up you will have a greater chance to obtain these rare traits.  So how long will it take for my meeroo to breed?  Well it will take 10 days till maturity and 10 days for a breeding cycle.  Why so long?  Levio expressed great concern in making everyone’s ability to play equally in this game a priority.  Both the cycle length and the bonus to mini games are a way of helping the smaller breeders keep up with mass breeders, as this will require actual interaction on the behalf of the breeder/owner.  Some meeroos may not be attracted to certain other meeroos and may have more difficulty breeding together, this is not impossible to breed the two [except in the case of inbreeding or breeding with a family member, which will never result in a breeding], but simply may require more attention and effort.  You will be able to breed with your friends meeroos!  A meeroo will produce a single offspring, there is no chance of twins.  Also, no inbreeding will be allowed… more information on how this will be prevented isn’t quite clear yet.  Stats will be a little more complex than a simple 0-100% scale… Levio refused to released these exact details, but I can assure you it sparked an interest in the interview!  Baby meeroos will be born in a nest. You meeroo will be able to be taken to inventory for three days before he/she will run away.  Once your meeroo is gone, you can’t get it back, however, Levio mentioned of the possibility of implementing a special whistle which will call your meeroo back to you.

Ready for a couple random teasers?  It’s possible that aquatic meeroos will be able to swim.  You will be able to play mini games with others to get player points.  Sometime after release it’s possible that they will consider making a meeroo avatar.  The meeroos will have an abnormally high mutation chance.  Mini games will help your meeroo’s stats to aid in a more desirable breeding. Your can feed your friends meeroos.  The team is aiming for under 8 scripts… these scripts are designed to sense when an avatar is within a certain range and will set your meeroo to an idle mode when no one is near.  Idle mode will still allow your meeroo to eat and breed.  The tree stump’s scripts will auto detect sim dilation to shut off unnecessary scripts in the meeroo temporarily until someone is close again.

Alright enough already! When can we get our paws on them?!  No dates are being released as the team doesn’t wish to set a date that would be unrealistic or simply delayed continuously.  The only date mentioned is that Levio and the team hope that all features will be ready and implemented into the meeroo by March.  Beta testing will not hold back on features, all features that are to be available in the release will be available immediately in beta.  How much will they cost?  The team isn’t quite sure yet and hasn’t set prices as of yet.

Any features or information published in this blog is subject to change at any given time, it is after all still in development.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, the lag at the interview was quite mean and wouldn’t allow me to get a picture without crashing.

Should you wish to stay up to date on the meeroos check out their official website at also the Real Life store for Meeroos items went live just today!  You can purchase a variety of things for yourself in RL now! Check it out at


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