BInc. Auction Watch – Coming Soon

Breedable Inc has watched the tremendous popularity of auctions in breedables for awhile.  We highly believe that auctions help the market economy thrive and stay refreshed.  People from all breedable philosophies gather and enjoy looking at some of the most marvelous breedables on the grid.  Breedable Inc will be bringing you a weekly post containing as many of the auctions as we can find all in one centralized post for your easy reading.  If you would like to be featured in our weekly post, please contact Kirakah Little.


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Hello, I am the virtual pixelated feminist from Colorado. This is the dedication to my virtual mind of my avatar on secondlife. To learn more go to

One thought on “BInc. Auction Watch – Coming Soon

  1. With fraud and scams rampant in the game auctions with no way to verify these sales beyond doubt, any values posted should be suspect.

    Most consumer advice websites state that a consumer bidding at an auction should NOT take quotes such as these as an item’s current market value, and that consumers should research to determine the value for themselves before bidding at any auction.

    The most commonly practiced auction frauds and scams in the game are Dummy Bidding, Shilling, Luring, and Bid Shielding.

    You can find descriptions of these tactics by searching the internet, and they’re also described on our website:

    Consumer Alert: Live Auctions

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