Breedables Inc. Needs YOU!

Hello fellow readers, followers, and the likes!

Breedable Inc. is looking for new writers!  That’s right… we’re looking for creative minds with a passion for writing and the breedables.  Never blogged? No worries we can show you the ropes.  Breedable Inc. currently uses, there is no set schedule or amount of articles required, we’re easy and laid back and blog cause it’s fun.  If you are interested please contact Tracy Sparrowtree or Kirakah Little.

Looking forward to meeting ya!


About Kirakah Little

Hello, I am the virtual pixelated feminist from Colorado. This is the dedication to my virtual mind of my avatar on secondlife. To learn more go to

3 thoughts on “Breedables Inc. Needs YOU!

  1. if it’s still open, i’d like to do this. i have many of the breedable and i’m willing to try any of the ones i dont have out just to get the facts right and help others out if i can. my SL name is kitty moore.

  2. i know this isnt the place for this but i can not find where to add our breedable to your site
    i am with fullmoon breedabe and we are releasing woloves and saber tootgh tigers soon they will not only be breedable but will play and exciting rpg as well. could u please let me know how to get them on your site? thanks for your time.

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