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The newly designed Petable sim opened recently with the chance to go to one of three events introducing the new Rovee’s to the world.   The sim has been completely redesigned by Mr Matthew Anthony and looks spectacular I must say.  It has moved into the future, well suiting the new Rovee’s, while retaining a turtle feel with the water-based environment.  The meetings were held in the community area, while some of the other floating platforms hold new surprises associated with the Rovee’s.   There is a beta sign-up board to one side of the stage and also a group joiner board on the other.  This group will give info about the Rovee’s specifically while general discussion about both Petable Turtles and Rovee’s is welcome on the current Petable Group.

The Rovees have a unique HUD based feature allowing you to use them without affecting your personal prim allowance.  On the northern part of the Petable sim there is a series of 14 platforms, each with a hometree, the hometree is similar to the Turtles home mushroom, in that it is the central hub for your Rovees and plants to live around.  Anyone has the ability to use the hometrees available at the Sim, they are for public use allowing people to take care of their Rovees for free, allowing you to own as many Rovees as you want without taking up any of your own prims or land space.

The Hometree.

The 2 green bottle with the symbols are they indicater of how much energy in a none numeric form has been raised by the plant.  They are batteries, one each for wind and solar, showing the fill level which will likely change colour from green to orange to red depending on your fill level.

To get Solarflower’s you initially harvest the eggs from labs.  Labs are plants whose sole purpose is to produce eggs of a various type.  There are Tubey, Frog and Bell labs.  These can be harvested once a week at a cost of 2 solar energy per egg.  The research labs can be harvested 10 times before they are consumed.

Now when new styles or colours are added they will be plugged into the Rovees database and your Rovees will be able to breed them immediately without you needing to buy anything extra or even do an update.  You will need a new lab for new Solarflower shapes, but any new styles etc that are added to that shape in the future will then automatically be seen in Rovees breeding.


Rovees can breed an unlimited number of times but the first 20 times they breed they are able to pass on their traits (eg shape, style, colours) to their offspring.  The chances of inheritance lessens through the 20 breedings, so they are strongest the first time a Rovee breeds.  After the first 20 breedings a Rovee will no longer pass on any bonuses towards traits but it can still breed.


Solarflowers and Windflowers are both consumed when harvested and will need to be replanted after each harvest.  The solarflowers will need to be purchased, whereas the windflowers are a completely free alternative.  Energy will also be able to be sold via discs, so some people may choose just to farm plants as a sellable item for other breeders.


The Rovees themselves are little Robots, the combination of styles and colors mean that it is possible to have almost 1 million unique-looking free Rovees from only 12 “pures” (the same shape/style/color on each body part).

Round Rovee

There are 6 different sections of their appearance – head, body, arms, legs, eyes, and propulsion.  Head, body, arms and legs have 3 different things – shape, style, and color.  Each shape has different styles, and each style can have multiple colors.  There are 9 eye colors that are also shared between each shape.  There is also 5 types of propulsion ice skates, inline skates, quad skates, head propeller, and wings.

Grim with the Rovees

The Rovees shown at the demonstration were all newborns, so there is still some mystery as to just how large the Rovees will grow, but there will be varying sizes and if you breed large Rovees together, their offspring can get larger and larger.  Similarly, if you breed small Rovees together, their offspring can get smaller and smaller.  But Matthew pointed out that it’s not an infinite range, they will go from about ankle or mid-calf on avatar up to about waist-high.

Rovees are a HUD based breedable, with a new and extensive look than you may be used to with the Turtles.  Actually I really need to point out that the Rovees are new and innovative in many ways, and require a new mindset when it comes to enjoying this breedable.

Below you see a sample of what a particular Rovee’s stats look like.

All Rovees, eggs, seeds and plants are stored in your inventory on Petable servers, not in the sl asset server.  This means that if you lose anything to sl mess ups and eats your rovee or hometree, you are still able to rezz a new one from your HUD.  There are only 3 things on the asset servor or in your inventory which are the HUD, the hometree and sales discs.  The sales discs are Petables new method of selling that will be used with the Rovees.  There is a Package to Sell button found on the HUD which will rezz a disc, this is a sales disc and by clicking on the disc a price can be set.  The discs can be set out where you like and you can produce as many discs as you like and set them out in different places.  When someone purchases whatever it is you have for sale then the other discs will be disabled and the Rovee will no longer be found at your hometree.  That means you can have your entire stock of Rovees for sale still on your tree, but also at each of the places you have a store and sales are easier than ever.

Using the controller you are able to move from one hometree to another giving you the chance to have multiple hometrees, serving various requirements.  One hometree may be for producing plants for energy and others may separate particular Rovees that you want to breed.  Rovees don’t need to be inworld to mature. and it is possible to do 95% of all care and tending via the HUD.  This is virtually a breedable that a homeless avi could keep.  There are the public hometrees on the Petable sim that I mentioned or you could just go to a sandbox to tend to your Rovees when needed.

Beta has started but there will be testers chosen over a period of time, so there is still the chance to get involved.  Beta consists solely of windflower seeds and Rovees that use windflower energy.  Once the beta is over solarflower labs, and solarflower using Rovees will be available.
There are Quests that will be involved with the final play and a Tutorial Quest that takes you step by step through the set-up process with prizes for completing tasks.  It all seems like alot of fun and I look forward to learning more about the gameplay as more is revealed.  I’m sure some of this information will change before final release, but if you want to get on board with Beta I suggest you catch a taxi to the sim and hit the beta board.

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