Fund Relief for NZ

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There has been a fund relief effort started in SL to help those in need after the massive earthquake which hit the region recently. There is already a blog up and running and it will go from 26th Feb to the 5th March.

As I’m sure you all know, a devastating earthquake hit Christchurch NZ for the second time in 6 months, this time causing much more damage and loss of life.
Along with some other Second Lifers, I’m organizing a fundraiser to benefit those affected by this tragedy.
Currently we have space from Jori Walter and a small group of creators willing to donate items.

There are alot of quality items available with 100% of proceeds going directly to Garden City Relief.  I particularly noticed alot of poses available for those poselovers (like me) out there.  Just make sure you wear your shopping outfit and save your fellowman from the lag monster.

Garden City Relief of Second Life Blog

Copley Square where the event is being held

Oh if you are wondering about the picture, it’s a just because picture, just because I unearthed this bizarrely cool outfit and found an NZ sim.