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Guess what came in the mail today…

A teaser from the Ozimals team.  This suspiciously fox-like creature will be coming to join the Breedables family one day in the near future, so make sure you memorise his face, he might be your new best friend.  Strangeling but true….


7 thoughts on “Ozimals | Strangelings

  1. These look like something I’ve already seen before in SL. Also looks like a fox..but it’s supposed to be a made up creature. They should either change the look of it to make it look like something made up, or just call it a fox & try for breedable foxes. Also this is the pet that everyone was talking about when Meeroos came out & Ozimals put out a silhouette of something that looked like a Meeroo. & here it is. Also..I googled the name of these & the name is already taken by people. They need to change the name of these or they will have to deal with another lawsuit.

  2. Hi Sativa! Thanks for your comments. The picture above is only our second teaser so there is a lot of information that isn’t known yet, like what they are, what their in world appearance is, and what they do. We’ve not said officially if they are a made up creature, a fox, or an alien for that matter 😉

    I know very little about the Meeroos other than their in-world appearance from photographs but I can say with certainty that Strangelings look nothing like them. Strangelings have been in development since September and their appearance and game features have been established for many months now. As far as our name goes, we have of course spoken to a trademark attorney and I’d direct you to this link for a brief synopsis of how trademark actually works in this circumstance: http://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/can-i-trademark-a-similar-name-in-a-different-indu-69533.html Hope this helps!

  3. They kinda look like gremlins too me, lol. Maybe a fox/gremlin cross breed? =) Whatever they are, I hope they come out SOON, lol

  4. Wow, Sativa, retract your claws please.

    Ozimals has proven themsleves by setting the breedables bar so high no other breedable has yet been able to reach it. You do realize how much planning and development goes into creating a product like this? These Strangelings have probably been in the planning for many months. Ozimals has shown they are a creative and enterprising company and, unlike most of the breedables that have followed them, they do not need to copy anyone else’s concepts.

    The Meeros still remain a mystery and it will be interesting to see how much of the Ozimals Bunny they copied in their product.

  5. When I went to look at Meeroos I wondered if they were the new breedables introduced by Ozimals because I remember seeing a teaser of Strangelings some time ago. I had no idea Meeroos were a different company, cause both the ideas look very similar. Though a meeroo does not fully resemble the creature above, the magic mushrooms and magic part cannot have occurred to both the creators at the same time. I like the fact, in Meeroos the creature does not die and can be raised as a pet with a one time fee.

  6. “The Meeros still remain a mystery and it will be interesting to see how much of the Ozimals Bunny they copied in their product.”

    I think this comment is way out of line, having skipped the Amaretto Horses because I personally felt they were a Ozimals Knockoff – and having done the Ozimals Bunnies quite seriously when they were in their prime… I can honestly say there is nothing about Meeros that even remotely resembles Ozimals bunnies accept that they breed. But Breedable pets isn’t something that Ozimals came up with, they were out even before Ozimals in the Turtles and Chickens, Ozimals is just the first company that took it to a new level and actually did it WELL.

    There is no evidence or reason to believe that Meeroo’s copied Ozimals at all.

  7. I have respect for both companies, and I cannot imagine they ever will copy each other. Both have a very good quality in the product they present, especially texture and sculpties. I do not know other breedables, they have not attracted me in the same way.


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