Krazy Kittys | Town Meeting

Krazy Kittys had a town meeting recently to update their breeders with the latest happenings in the Krazy world.  There has also been an update to Kittys 2.0, the information about this is found in the town meeting summary found below.


Welcome to the first Krazy Kittys town hall meeting, we hope to be holding more meetings like this on a fairly regular basis in the future, and we hope that by doing this we can keep you informed as we develop Krazy Kittys further, and just as importantly we hope to get plenty of feedback from you fine customers, so we can do our best to respond to your wants and needs. and with this in mind we will be happy to take your questions in a few minutes time.


I want to start off by telling you about some plans that we currently have on our backburner, please don’t expect to see these implemented straight away, but they are part of our development plan for this year.

Remote Control – We are currently working on a remote control device which will allow to you control some functions for all Kittys with a single click, so for instance you could disable animations for all Kittys.

Kitty Clothes – possibly a bit controversial but we are planning to introduce a way to accessorize Kittys with collars and other clothing items, we hope to open this up so that anyone can create clothing and use it or of course sell it.


I should also mention at this point, just in case you didn’t know already, we are currently testing our next Breedable Pet – Blooming Butterflies, it’s a fabulous system that features the entire butterfly life cycle from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and finally a beautiful Blooming Butterfly.  The breeding system is similar to Krazy Kittys but with no petting and sleeping and fewer prims.

New breeds

Back to the Kittys, as you know Krazy Kittys are currently at Level 4, remember our system is Open Ended, which means we will be continually adding new breeds, you can get sneaky peak of the breeds to come on our website, which we are now updating regularly.

New Supplies

I am very proud to introduce to you today our new designer line of Kitty supplies, we are very pleased to be able to offer you a redesigned milk bowl and Milk dispenser and a choice of new bed designs, we will be making these available in a separate vendor from when we run the next update, which will be in the next day or two.

We do have one more new thing to introduce to you, but I am going to save that until the end, right now I want to throw the floor open and answer any questions that you may have, please type your question in Local Chat and I will work through them in the order I see them. If you are at the back please feel free to shout .


Thanks very much for all your feedback I know it will prove useful.
Finally today I want to tell you about the update we will be doing in the next day or 2 we have made several improvements to the Kittys and these are as follows:

♦ Recovery time for mating
♦ Kittys wont give birth if bed is set to wrong group
♦ Menu stays open until ignore or x pressed

Ultra 2

From Update 20 all existing Ultra designs will be retired, don’t worry your Kittys will keep working as normal , but there will be no more of that type born, from Update 20 all Ultras will be our all new Ultra II

♦ New level of Ultras, level 101 Ultra II
♦ Have 50 point life time, mate twice more than regular

So now all that remains is to thank you guys for coming and a very special thanks to my fabulous team who once again have worked tirelessly to make Krazy Kittys a success.

New Krazy Kitty Items

Krazy Kitty Land