Le Mew Canopy Bed by Kitty Cattery

Two dear friends, Sookie Slafford and Alia Whitfield of Kitty Cattery we’re so kind to let Breedables Inc. do an exclusive first post prior to releasing their newest creation!  So ladies and gentlemen here it is.. Le Mew Canopy Bed, and my gosh is it freaking (can I say freaking on a blog? Whatever I just did!) amazing! Are you ready for this?!

Yes my friends it’s that adorable!  No no, not Hercules, my kitty, the bed!  In all my years of breedables I have never seen such amazing quality go into a product.  Ok enough, on with the review!  This four poster canopy bed with bows comes in a variety of colors, not only does it include a variety of colors, but, it changes by HUD!  No more clicking on a menu and hoping that it’s the one you want… but you can actually see the fabric swatches in the HUD.  Here is what the HUD appears like on your screen.

This adorable bed has six wicker (basket) variations, eight fabric options for the canopy, curtains, bow, and mattress for a grand total of over 24000 possible combinations!  Now that is some bed!  This lovely bed is 38 prims and copy!  All parts of this bed have been hand made, not purchased!  From the amazing realistic and seamless fabric to the quality sculpts!  The HUD was made exclusively for Kitty Cattery.

This bed is brought to you by Kitty Cattery with the help of Scar Ayes of Scarlia, who scripted the HUD from the ground up exclusively for Kitty Cattery.  Scar also made some adorable kitty poses that are available at Kitty Cattery for 150L!  (I think I might have to do a review for these as well!)  Now you ask, how much?  Such great quality, amazing work, fine detail, and can we forget the options?! How much.. you’d think I’d be lying when I said only 600L!  You’re kidding… that’s it?  Nope, and it’s copy!  Use it in auction, at home, on display, in your stores!  Where wouldn’t you put it?  So get yours, they will be released tonight.  I would like to extend a personal thank you to all that helped make this bed amazing, my kitties will surely be thankful.


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