Rovees Release

The Rovees announced today their official release!  I know I’m late, so much to do, so little time.  Earlier today, the Petable team who brought you marvelous turtles is bringing you breedable robots!

The beta testing was much smoother than anticipated I believe which lead to a quick trial testing before they hopped right into release.  On the Rovees Blog, they announced a special thank you gift to turtle owners to help them get a head-start, a dedication gift if you will call it that.  Also available is a free starter kit, this kit will not require additional items to maintain, allowing you the ability to try them out risk free!  I’m sure so many will be glad to hear it!  So hop on over to the petable sim and get your Rovees hurry!

This is your cute little starter kit, free of charge!  So what are you waiting for?  Go pick yours up now.  To find out more go to the Rovees website or join the in-world group.


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