Blooming Butterflies | Release Coming Soon

Level 1 Butterflies

There are whispers that Blooming Butterflies will move from beta to full release in the near future.  There are already teasers out there of the levels of butterflies that will be available, up to level 5.

Level 2 Butterflies

Each level has 6 types, giving a wide array of possible pretty butterflies that you may breed.  There will also be ultra rares with particle effects, making some very pretty butterflies.  The butterflies have a mating dance and you will be able to see when it is happening.  They then lay eggs which hatch into caterpillars, which wrap themselves in a cocoon before being birthed as Butterflies.

Level 3 Butterflies

Gift Certificates are now available at the Butterfly sim if you would like to be ready for the public release of this very sweet and enjoyable breedable.  There is a wide array of Ultra’s planned and although they are similar in gameplay to the Krazy Kittys they will be simpler to look after.  I love the way the butterflies needs are provided in such cute and realistic ways, strawberry’s for food, a flowercup for water and a beautiful plant as the home.  These would be a delight to add to any garden.

Level 4 Butterflies

They fly freely around their home and the range can be set, so any garden lover in SL will soon be able to add a delightful breedable to their garden.  There will also be a fun St Patricks hunt over the Krazy Kitty and Blooming Butterfly sims on the 17th March.  On discovery of a shamrock buy it for 0L nd keep hunting, there are 50 total shamrocks, 25 on each Sim.  The hunt will start at 12pm SLT  till all shamrocks are gone.   ALL HUNT ITEMS WILL BE GROUND AND TREE LEVEL…so don’t waste your time looking higher than that.  The shamrocks come in all sizes.

Level 5 Butterflies

Blooming Butterflies Island