Meeroos | In-world Preview + Teaser!

The Meeroos decided to place another display in world for your viewing!  Just click here to see for yourself in world!  This area was set up for the photoshop of the March Edition of “The Best of SL” magazine!  The Meeroos were featured on the cover and have an article on page 97.  You can obtain a copy of the magazine at this location.  On March 1st, Catherine Farspire, one of the creators, sent out a teaser notice enticing the Meeroos group that these little creatures we’re going to stand still and “reveal” some secrets!  Of course the group was excited but, we had to make some noise for Catherine to release a second notice with the landmark of where we would find these adorable creatures.  I got my clicking fingers ready as I anticipated the second notice, I knew it would be moment before I got to see the Meeroos in person for the first time, and there it was!  I anxiously clicked teleport and to my surprise I was one of the lucky first 50 to get the first look!  It was slugishly painful to move, I managed to get a few steps in about ten or so minutes.  Everything was so slow to rezz, everyone was chattering away and bumping into each other.  Everything was clay grey.

But eventually I crashed and was able to capture some pictures for my flickr until I was able to return today and snap some pictures of a better quality without the lag and oh so wonderful (haha can you sense the sarcasm?) grey baked texture of SL.  Anyways on with the pictures!

Here is an adorable little pine Meeroo with a flower on its nose.  In each hand the Meeroo holds what I think to be a “hint” to possible items that may be implemented, in its right hand appears to be a wooden carving a meeroo, on its left a feather.

Here is a lighter colored Meeroo inside a large vase.  The vase may also be a hint to possible items or lore that may be implemented.

This is the full length of the vase.

Here you can get a good glimpse of the detail of the Meeroos.  The leg spots on this picture are incredibly adorable!  The tail is lush and fluffy with great mind to detail and the shading in the ears is just fascinating!

On March 4th, another notice from Catherine Farstrider was sent with a picture of a teacup and a whale, with the words “What could it mean?” below it.  Later that day they confirmed that the riddle picture was a trait they implemented… still lost?  Meeroos sent a notice with the following blog link.  The blog stated that Meeroo sizes would be a breedable trait!  You could get a tiny teacup size Meeroo or a “gentle giant” as they put it.  How exciting!  Join the Meeroos group in world or follow the Meeroos website!


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