Precious Dragons | Going, Going, Gone!

Precious are going, going, GONE! Gone gold that is.  Precious Dragons have announced that they are officially out of beta now.  A special gift was given out to everyone who wore the PD HUD prior to the blog post.  The special Gold Gift includes an exclusive Going Gold Queen that is a limited time edition egg only available to those who received the gift.

Thanks to Froggy Graves for the pictures.

The queen is a 100% glow with low shine, birthstones 11/11/4.

Also included in the gift is a chow barrel with 300 servings, a T-shirt, a notecard containing information about Going Gold, and a landmark to the main store.

Precious Dragons Gone Gold Gift will be distributed throughout the month of March while the avatar is online, you only will get one chance to accept the gift, should you fail, decline, or otherwise miss the gift the blog and notices seem to be very strict on not giving a second chance.  Please be careful when logging on to make sure you don’t click quickly through your notices as you mad decline it on accident.

On another related note the Aura Queen from the madness board was won by Vittorio Thiemen.  To date there are only four aura queens that I am aware of.  As of March 1st, the Aura Queen will be included in the gene pool.  So good luck on getting your own, and welcome to Going Gold!


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