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The Meeroos Group erupted a short time ago with news of pages found at the viewing area.  People were soon tping madly to go and find out just what was going on.  Please excuse the pictures below, but they were the best I could do at the time.  Initially I found 4 pages, but then another 2 were found, one which was partially hidden before a ‘gust’ of wind in the form of Catherine Farspire revealed it fully.  I even found a page that appeared from nowhere after I had been there for some time, so you may find the pictures a bit mixed up.

These pages are from an anthropologists journal and provide a peek into some pretty unusual and magnificent experiences that we hope our own users have with their Meeroos, Catherine shared with the group.  These include some insight to their habits, behaviors, interactions and activities.

Page 1 - 1931

December 13th, 1931 [page 7]
As my studies progress, I am consistently amazed at the Meeroos behaviors.  My efforts to propagate the species have proven much more difficult than I had anticipated!  Suffice it to say, I was over-optimistic and these creatures are much more complex than I ever imagined.  I’ve seen some Meeroos that outwardly reject the advances of some, but are far more accepting of another!  Startling how like human beings they are in this manner.  None seem at all indecisive or indifferent when choosing a partner.
I must broaden my study in an effort to determine exactly what qualities some Meeroo must possess to be considered a befitting mate to another.  There must be more to it!


Mystery Page Revealed 1932

February 21st, 1932 [page 22]
A frightful thing occurred last night, even more unnerving than the thunderous storms during the rain season!  I was awoken by what I thought was a strike of lightening, but as I opened my eyes and peered above my cover, I saw a figure standing at the foot of my bed, shrouded in a blinking light.  “I am the Oracle” she said.  I pinched the flesh of my own arm to be sure I was not dreaming.  “These are creatures of immortal grace.  To be in the care of one such as you, I must test your your wisdom.” Do not worry, I will study your own era and test you on your memory, perception and knowledge of the world that counts you as it’s own.  As a carer for the Meeroos, I will reward you with the regard of the Ancients when you respond correctly.  Listen for my arrival!”  And then she was gone.
Was this a nightmare?

Stained Page - 1934

May 28th, 1934 [page 66]
I’ve never before seen anything like it!  It only makes these unusual creatures so much more mysterious!  I am not easily shaken but I grabbed my chest in a state of disbelief as I coaxed the arrival of a new Meeroo from it’s burrow this morning!
It’s eyes!
The.. [the text appears to be smudged with a stain, it’s unreadable]
I know it’s must mean something!


September 1st, 1939 [page 101]
Strange, these Meeroos.  Loyal to myself and each other beyond a doubt, but I’m every so mystified at their discriminating behaviors when choosing a mate.  It has made some of my propagation efforts most challenging.  Some seem to outwardly refuse the advances of one, while far more accepting of another.  Fascinating how in this way, their behaviors mirrors that of human beings.  Perhaps I was foolish to think this would be easy.  The Meeroos themselves are deeply complex.  I must endeavor to determine what trait a Meeroo must posses in order to be regarded as an acceptable partner to another.
These are days I wish they could speak.  Then they might unlock all of their secrets for me.  Although I have become accustomed to their chirps and chortles, which at times, seem quite comforting on this lonely island.  But, How fun it would be to know what these creatures are saying to each other!

Page 3 - 1941

July 7th, 1941 [Page 101]
Some very peculiar events have been happening.  I noticed just yesterday that one of the shy Gael meeroos had been hording a collection of oddities beneath his bed of leaves.  I watched him closely today, only to discover that he likes to dig.  He will walk a distance from his stump family and spend hours upon hours of digging in the nearby glen, beneath thatches and vines.  I knew they were a smart and cunning creature.  I did not know that they quite enjoyed a treasure hunt as well.
We’ll see what this young one finds tomorrow.  I’m hoping it will be my lost spectacles.  Broken as they may be, it makes traversing the dense terrain of this island much easier.

Page 4 - 1942

January 1st, 1942 [page 224]
I discovered a new nest on the compound today!  One cannot imagine how elated I was to know there was new life being given to these vanishing creatures.  I was so eager to witness what lay sleeping within the tiny burrow, and as I knelt to the ground, behold!  I was two eyes peering back at me!  I spoke softly in an attempt to entice the infant into the sun for examination.  This took on hours, as it was hesitant and uncertain of all the sounds of the wilds.  But soon, it lept from the leaves and I could not help but hold my breath!  hat a shocking display of color!  A Meeroo unlike any I had ever seen in all my travels!
This must certainly be a genetic recession to one of the unknown Meeroo sub-species, as this meeroo was yellow and orange, like the many sunsets I have watched from the plateau of this tropical island.
Such progress!  I delight in all of the wonders that await me with the Meeroo-kind.

Page 5 - 1943
Page 5 - 1943

August 18th, 1943 [page 311]
Amazing! As my extended family has grown over the years, I have found something that remains ever present amongst the Meeroos, and that is their inherent desire for food unique to their environment of origin, regardless of lineage.  I wondered why so a few of them had continued to refuse the offerings of wild berries that the others seemed to revel in.  The wild colored Meeroos that have been appearing of late seemed uninterested entirely, much to my concern.  Interestingly, as I was not a satisfactory provider of proper food these unique Meeroos desired, I awoke this morning to find them making a delicacy of things like thick Jungle vines!  It was clear to me then that on my daily venture into the wilds, I must be far more considerate of the menu, nw that so many diverse Meeroos have appeared.  They are quite the ever unfolding riddle, these gentle creatures.

Mystery Page - Before Revelation

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