Pet Peddlers | WANTED:Input

Pet Peddlers sent out a notice March 5th, asking for input on which kinds of predator fish YOU want to see.  Fisher Mode has asked you to reply to this thread with which ones you would like to see.  This will help Pet Peddlers determine which predator fish could possibly be in the predator update.  Secondly, the predator update will include new regular breeds as well, which Fisher is also giving you the chance to include your input on this thread.  Fisher mode is hoping to have an update shortly with bug fixes in the next few days followed up with the predator and new breeds update before the end of the month. We’re all excited about these fishies and I know that the community desperately awaits this update, so get on out there and post your opinions.

And what kind of post would it be without a teaser?


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3 thoughts on “Pet Peddlers | WANTED:Input

  1. Hey Matthew!

    Thank you for the ideas, while I have plans on the first batch to be released (predators that is) all ideas are very welcome as we move forward. And you just never know what might pop out here in the near future!

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