Teen’s View of Breedables

First off, I would like to mention that I am in fact a teen new to the Main Grid. As of the middle of January being the Grid Merge. A large moment in Second Life history indeed. But, being introduced to the breeding world was a hardship that I am still having to endure. To begin with, the lack of sims that are “teen” friendly. Meaning that the stores themselves and most market places (I have yet to find more than one that is PG) are Mature. So, within itself the teens already have a problem obtaining food and the breedable itself.

Personally, I have to find a median to go to the Auctions for me to sell my products. And that is never an easy process. For one I only get a cut of what I should be getting. Also, I don’t know for sure if I will even get the appropriate amount. Since to sell the breedable I must give it to them and have them see the price. So, mostly it is a game of trust. But, the fact that most teens can be taken advantage of by someone they trust is wrong in itself.

But, the biggest Peeve is that for most breedables I wouldn’t be able to obtain food. The only sim I know of that is PG only supplies Amaretto horse food. Of course, the Main Store itself isn’t PG. The only breedables that have PG sims are, Wyrmwood, Petables, Precious Dragons, Ozimal’s and KittyCatS. In an honest teen opinion, Amaretto’s, PetPeddler’s, and Meeroo’s (while not being out yet, the sim is still mature) should all go PG. They would be taking in more revenues then if they weren’t. Due to the fact that teens if they need to buy food or starters have to find a third-party dealer to obtain their food and other miscellaneous products.

Finally, third-party market’s that have Live Auctions would gain a lot more traffic if they were to turn PG. The fact that as of today there are absolutely no PG Live Auction sims causes the market to decline even more than usual. There are plenty of teen’s interested in breeding if only they had the chance to. The owners and staff of these breedables would gain a lot more market revenues just for making their sim PG. Personally, I would be spending a lot more of Linden Dollars to go just to a Live Auction. Tips and otherwise.

Is it fair though, that teens are restricted in what they breed? I mean what is better, breeding artificial Second Life intelligence? Or a new spawn to the Real World? Doing breedables while may not exactly be what most are yearning for, does allow them some source of gain. Responsibility and a work ethic. Because, let’s be honest you have to have at least a little wealth to pay for new breeds and their food.

PG Breedable slURLS:

KittyCatS: http://slurl.com/secondlife/KittyCats/127/110/25

Wyrmwood: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wyrmwood/128/128/2

Precious Dragons: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wolfhaven%20Productions/128/127/4

Petables: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Petable/128/128/21

Ozimal’s: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ozimals%20Orientation/45/48/24

PG Market (No Auction): http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Farm/128/128/21

KittyCatS Cafe and Herdy’s Dog Park : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rhineland/207/140/23


4 thoughts on “Teen’s View of Breedables

  1. Hello Greg,

    Catherine here from the Wonderful World of Meeroos. I wanted to reach out and extend my thanks for your incredibly helpful article. At times, the region ratings and the relevance of them can seem slight, but it’s important for me, and I’m sure others, to appreciate how frustrating that must be for teens. Certainly things like these games must be MOST accessible to teens and gaming enthusiasts alike.

    We’ll be changing to a PG region rating in the very near future! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, experiences and feedback, as it helps us all better serve the community.

    Catherine Farspire

  2. Hi Greg,

    I wanted to let you know that Ozimals has had a PG location to purchase our products for a while now, since shortly after the merging of the teen grid into the main grid. Previously it was located on the Gypsy sim, but now we’ve moved the satellite store to Ozimals Orientation sim – which also has our Ozimals Walkthrough area, Ozimals University, and the Community Meeting location. It also has an update area where you can update bunnies if your current location is giving you problems. Orientation has always been a PG sim so that everyone could take advantage of the events and meetings there. 🙂

    I know that most of the issues raised in your article aren’t things we can directly control, but if you have suggestions for things that Ozimals can do to improve the Teen experience with breedables, I’d love to chat with you! Feel free to contact me in world or via email (email in my profile)


    Candy Cerveau
    Ozimals, Inc.

  3. Hello Greg,

    BrightPets here. This post has just highlighted this to us and we have promptly set the main island to PG for BrightPets & MicroPetz.

    Thanks for you feedback and if you have any direct suggestions or feedback do not hesitate to post in the forum

    Breedable Aftermath
    BrightPets/MicroPetz CEO

  4. Hi there, I’m an adult SLer who is also into breedables, and although I like to have a mature rated place to go to chat with fellow adults, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Breedables should be open to everyone, and I can totally see the appeal it would have to teens. There is nothing adult about breedables in general. I have been to many SL auctions, and breedable sims, and nothing adult goes on there. Pretty much everyone behaves in a PG manner, so I’m not sure why some breedable sims are rated what they are when there really is no need for it. Now I can understand the need for mature ratings in night clubs and things of that manner, but a place that breeds and sells cute little animals? Yeah…not really understanding the need for a high rating there. I think its really unfair to teens to have something that would so widely appeal to them, then rate the sims to where they can’t visit, forcing them to go through other parties, and most likely, causing them to get ripped off. I think its great that a lot of the breedable sims agree to going pg, because you’re absolutely right, they would get far more business if they are open to every kind of cliental instead of just one. Cause if you’re not selling mature stuff, why rate your land mature? Most people don’t hang around breedable sims anyway. They just come to go to the auctions, buy an animal, or the animal’s food, and then leave when their transaction is completed. Its not like it’s a club or bar or something. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and hope this article opens a lot of eyes. I have a general rated store where I breed kittyCats and sell KittyCat accessories. I’ll also be breeding Meeroos once those are out. Feel free to visit any time.

    RayRay Shippe

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