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Wild Passion Butterfly

Krys Luminos use of genetic types and design takes XS to the next level with all his products.


SLurl: Wild Passion Butterfly

Wild Passion Butterfly
Breedable Butterflies

1. Rez egg cups and touch them to un-package the butterfly eggs.

2. Click on the egg and select “Hatch” from the menu. Your egg will hatch into a caterpillar. After 5 days your caterpillars will transform into butterflies, and after 7 days they can begin to breed.

3. Rez a Butterfly Arbor near the caterpillars and butterflies, and click on the arbor and set the home position from the menu.
You can get a  Butterfly Arbor by touching a caterpillar or butterfly and selecting  Butterfly Arbor from the menu.

4. Place Food Flowers winthing range of the butterflies.


– Butterflies, caterpillars and butterfly eggs cannot be taken into inventory unless packaged in the free butterfly crates and egg cups, or they will die.

– To package a butterfly or caterpillar for transport or transfer, rez a butterfly crate and then click on the butterfly or caterpillar and select “Package”.

– To package an egg  for transport or transfer, rez a butterfly egg cup and click on the egg and select “Package”.

– Butterflies, caterpillars and eggs will package themselves in any available crate or egg cup that you own that is rezzed, so only rez empty ones right before you use them.

– Butterflies reach breeding age after seven days, and then can breed until they reach age sixty, as long as you have a male and female together.

– A butterfly remains pregnant for about 24 hours and then after a few hours when their passion level reaches 100%,  they are ready to breed again.

– To pair two butterflies. move them to their own arbor and set their home point there.

– You can set the roaming range of the butterflies by touching the arbor and changing the range from the menu.

– Butterflies will roost in the arbor when they sleep, but you can roost or awaken them from the arbor menu.

– Your butterflies will eventually die or starvation if the food runs out, or if you take them into inventory without first placing them in a crate.

– You can store butterflies and caterpillars in crates in inventory as long as you wish, and they will not grow hungry while stored.

– Butterflies live indefinitely, but they only breed until they reach the age of 60 days old.

– Crated butterflies, caterpillars and egg cups are transferable. Empty crates and egg cups are available free at the Wild Passion Butterfly headquarters.

– Join the Wild Passion Breedables group to be informed of new specials and updates.


– Starter eggs are a special random egg included in the starter pack, they can be one of any of the 11 common starter butterfly types.

– Rez starter eggs  to activate, but you must put them in egg cups in order to take back into inventory if you do not hatch them after rezzing.

– The Butterfly Arbor has a “Collect Eggs” function that will round up butterfly eggs within that arbor’s range. An auto-cupper device is also available seperately, that will collect your eggs region-wide and pack them into empty cups.

– Butterflies eat approximately 5 units of food a day from their food flowers. If they run out of food and get hungry, they will eat a little bit faster to bring their hunger level back down.

– Each different type of butterfly has its own unique wings. Each butterfly type can also be one of five class levels; common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, and super ultra rare.  Each class level can produce new kinds of offspring.

– Breeding two of the same type of butterfly together will most likely produce more of the same type. Breeding two different butterfly types together will most likely produce offspring of either the mother or father’s type.  You always have a chance of breeding out a new butterfly type from one of the parents’ class levels.

– There are no age changing devices, special  food, or any other butterfly altering device.  Other than special new limited edition butterfly types at the Wild Passion shop, the only way to acquire butterflies beyond the starter types is to breed them or get them from another breeder.

– On certain holidays your butterflies have a chance of giving birth to special new unique types of butterfly unavailable through regular breeding.  These specials can be bred together to produce more of that type.

– You have a small chance of producing very rare albino or shadow types of butterfly.