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I was introduced to a new breedable about to flutter onto the grid very soon, this weekend I think, but shhh don’t tell anyone.  The Butterfly’s, that’s Butterfly Bellflower and Butterfly Birdsong have been working quietly for a few months now perfecting the working and gameplay of Papillon Breedables.  They are currently releasing butterflies with future plans for fireflies, ladybugs, snails and hummingbirds.

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Plants are also part of the system designed for the Papillon Butterflies.  The plants spawn with radomised textures which gives players the chance of creating a garden with colors they prefer.  Altogether there are eight types, eight sizes, eight levels of radiance and a billion color combinations in the butterflies.  There are also mutations and a HUD based adventuring minigame that allows you to win prizes.  There are lots of accessories that boost performance, and these last a month rather than being one-shot deals.
They predict there will be over 512 billion combinations of appearance, not including mutations.  All of the plants will come in three sizes; small, medium (a few months worth of resources), and large (lasts quite a while).  This can potentially create a self-sufficient ecosystem if setup properly, there’s no need to constantly buy food.  This can be a challenge though as there seem to be some specific requirements in their interaction.
There is also a point system for cashing in unwanted butterflies, that can be used to redeem prizes, rare butterflies, and special plants and supplies.  Also within the Adventuring Minigame, the butterflies can acquire and trade weapons, armour, rare elixirs that make them more pure-colour, glow brighter, etc.  There is a HUD used for the Minigame which has score-servers that keep track of the highest-ranked butterflies and adventurers, so people can compare themselves at any time.
So you can trade in unwanted butterflies and potentially get more plants and gardening supplies out of it.  There is an easy and convenient method of choosing your prizes, the butterflies come with a point-card that records your converted butterflies.  The point-card can be used to contact the gift server from anywhere.  It deducts the points and sends the gift.  But the prize is completely random, so it could be a plant or an ultra-rare cocoon, it’s the luck of the draw.  The points rewarded are based on the butterfly that was converted.  It could take quite a few ‘generic’ butterflies, or a few high-value ones.

When a butterfly is ‘converted’ it then ceases to have the ability to breed, but will continue to ‘exist’ becoming a cosmetic toy which you can then use to decorate your gardens and will continue to flutter around and be cute.  There is also the ability to convert a butterfly into toy-mode, at which time it won’t eat and if it hasn’t been converted for points you can return it to pet mode for breeding.  There is a penalty which is that its breeding timer resets if it’s turned into a toy, so they have to wait another 72 hours before breeding.  They just go forcibly into “toy mode” which means no breeding, no food-consumption.

There is a guarantee that 2 starter butterflies will produce enough offspring to win a reward from the gift server no matter how low value the butterflies are, they auto-score themselves and the prizes range in value from 25 points to over 750 points.

The general rule with the plants is the more you have the longer they last.  The garden accessories are area-of-effect and the watering cans and pruning devices make the plants live MUCH longer.  So if you have 10 plants out, 10 plants get watered and regain food resources which is significantly cheaper than buying new plants.  The clover patches are an investment as they begin with low resources but continually gain more as they age, eventually having more resources than full-plants do.  They restore a percentage using a gardening hoe, rather than a set amount with watering.  This means that after 3 months they are more cost effective than any other plant they have available and after 6 months your need to buy food is possibly over.

There is so much more to the gameplay then I have time to share here, but if you go to the store they have an nc with full info and also a sample garden and butterflies floating around so go take a looksie.

I think it’s great that Papillon are releasing with a fully functional and established prize system, giving breeders the opportunity to enjoy the gameplay of this breedable without feeling the need to sell the results of their breeding to justify the expense or make room for more.  There will be a reward for your breeding efforts regardless.

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